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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6: Dienekes, Chapter 24 - 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the purpose of an all-sire unit?
(a) An ancient belief forbids Spartans from sending men into battle who have not yet fathered a son.
(b) When they die, their sons can then be conscripted.
(c) While they are away on campaign, their sons can take care of the home.
(d) When they die, they will have living male heirs to carry on their names.

2. How does Arete convince the Peers to spare the child of Rooster?
(a) She pays bribes to them to allow the child to go.
(b) She kidnaps the child and flees Sparta.
(c) She and her husband swear that the child is his, and not Rooster's.
(d) She convinces them that whatever the father might have done, it is no fault of the child's.

3. Who is Xeones' sparring partner?
(a) Xerxes is Xeones' sparring partner.
(b) Rooster is Xeones' sparring partner.
(c) Alexandros is Xeones' sparring partner.
(d) Polynikes is Xeones' sparring partner.

4. What does agoge boua mean?
(a) Agoge boua means battle rage.
(b) Agoge boua means honorable death.
(c) Agoge boua means training platoon.
(d) Agoge boua means eight-nighter.

5. Alexandros wants to go to battle with the older Spartans. Who tries to stop him?
(a) His mother tries to stop him.
(b) Polynikes tries to stop him.
(c) Xeones tries to stop him.
(d) Leonidas tries to stop him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the Spartans decide to send only three hundred soldiers to Thermopylae?

2. How many children does Alexandros father by the age of twenty?

3. When does Darius of Persia die?

4. Who does Xeones marry?

5. What does Rooster suggest to Xeones and Alexandros?

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