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Steven Pressfield
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6: Dienekes, Chapter 24 - 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is exoterike harmoniea?
(a) Exoterike harmoniea is a composition dedicated to the gods.
(b) Exoterike harmoniea is the musical harmony of a multistringed instrument.
(c) Exoterike harmoniea is a state of self composure attained through the control of fear.
(d) Exoterike harmoniea is a state of union with one's fellows.

2. How does Rooster originally feel about Alexandros?
(a) He loves Alexandros as his own brother, and would allow no harm to come to him.
(b) He feels that Alexandros is a good friend who will always be loyal to him.
(c) He feels that he is braver and a better warrior than Alexandros, and he hates him.
(d) He feels that Alexandros is far braver than he will ever be.

3. Who comes for Rooster after he turns down the offer of mothax?
(a) No one comes for him.
(b) Twenty Peers come for him.
(c) The royal guard came for him.
(d) Polynikes and four assassins of the krypteia came for him.

4. Alexandros wants to go to battle with the older Spartans. Who tries to stop him?
(a) His mother tries to stop him.
(b) Xeones tries to stop him.
(c) Polynikes tries to stop him.
(d) Leonidas tries to stop him.

5. What does Lady Arete's letter to Diomache say?
(a) The letter says that Xeones is free from his service and may marry Diomache.
(b) The letter is to free Diomache from her service at the temple.
(c) The letter is a personal letter between old friends.
(d) The letter says that Xeones' death will be honored.

Short Answer Questions

1. By what warrior code are young Spartans raised?

2. What is Olympieus doing when he is killed by an arrow?

3. In Chapter 29, what does Xeones say is the only thing a man really wants?

4. How does Arete convince the Peers to spare the child of Rooster?

5. In Chapter 9, who dies on the final night of the training exercise?

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