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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the midwife administer to Gargantua's mother when she goes into labor?
(a) A poison.
(b) A constrictive.
(c) A pain killer.
(d) Milk.

2. What does Pantagruel's father compose for Pantagruel's mother after his birth?
(a) An epitaph.
(b) A symphony.
(c) A note of appreciation.
(d) A poem.

3. Of whom is it written, "if ever there was such a one in Paris, a felon, a cheat, a tippler, a loafer, a scrounger, but that apart, the nicest young lad in the world"?
(a) Thaumaste.
(b) Solomon.
(c) Anarch.
(d) Panurge.

4. What position does Ulrich Gallet hold in Gargantua?
(a) Master of Petitions.
(b) Mayor.
(c) Merchant of the year.
(d) Prime Minister.

5. Pantagruel advises Panurge to foretell whether he will have a good or bad marriage from what in Third Book of Pantagruel: Chapter Thirteen?
(a) An encyclopedia.
(b) His dreams.
(c) The clouds.
(d) The works of Homer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who brings an action against the Sorbonnists in court in Gargantua: Chapter Nineteen?

2. What gives permission to the king to print and sell Rabelais' book as written in Third Book of Pantagruel: Introduction?

3. What does Pantagruel intend to have a look at with his friend in Pantagruel: Chapter Eleven?

4. Who asks why many men avoid monks in Gargantua: Chapter Thirty-eight?

5. What does Gargantua's father exclaim upon Gargantua's birth?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Panurge attempt to seduce in Pantagruel: Chapter Fourteen? What is his response?

2. What is the response of the Amaurots to King Anarch's defeat?

3. Why is Braggart killed? Who kills him?

4. How is Gargantua's childhood described in Gargantua: Chapter Ten?

5. Describe Pantagruel's birth. Why did his father give him the name Pantagruel?

6. When was Gargantua written? What does To Readers suggest about the text?

7. What is sent to Gargantua in Gargantua: Chapter Fifteen? What does he do with the gift?

8. What did Rabelais write in his "Pantagrueline Prognostication for 1533"? What did he assure the reader?

9. What land does Pantagruel subdue in Third Book of Pantagruel: Chapter One? Who does he give Salmaguni to?

10. What is the subject of Gargantua: Chapters One through Five? What is suggested by Gargamelle's pregnancy?

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