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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What colors are the livery Gargantua's father orders for Gargantua in Gargantua: Chapter Seven?
(a) Blue and orange.
(b) Black and tan.
(c) Blue and white.
(d) Green and gold.

2. Third Book of Pantagruel: Introduction states that the humanist type of this book was published in what year?
(a) 1533.
(b) 1546.
(c) 1517.
(d) 1532.

3. Where is Pantagruel sent to study in Pantagruel: Chapter 5?
(a) Bourges.
(b) Poitiers.
(c) Paris.
(d) Orleans.

4. What is the name of Pantagruel's mother?
(a) Badebec.
(b) Abbaye.
(c) Cepola.
(d) Gargantua.

5. What is the name of Gargantua's father?
(a) Grandgousier.
(b) Ponocrates.
(c) Magister Janotus de Bragmardo.
(d) Janotus.

6. Who claims that many monks are lazy in Gargantua: Chapter Thirty-eight?
(a) Frere Jean.
(b) Solomon.
(c) King Picrochole the Third.
(d) Gargantua.

7. What does Gargantua's father ask him to do by letter in Gargantua: Chapter Twenty-six?
(a) Go to London.
(b) Go to church.
(c) Come home.
(d) Go to Paris.

8. In Pantagruel: Prologue, the author compared the novel to what literary genre?
(a) Non-fiction.
(b) Medieval war tales.
(c) Medieval romances.
(d) Medieval fairy tales.

9. Pantagruel advises Panurge to foretell whether he will have a good or bad marriage from what in Third Book of Pantagruel: Chapter Thirteen?
(a) The clouds.
(b) His dreams.
(c) An encyclopedia.
(d) The works of Homer.

10. Pantagruel: Dixain was written by whom?
(a) Maitre Hughes Salel.
(b) Ulysses.
(c) Almyrodes.
(d) Francois Rabelais.

11. What occupation does Seraphin Calobarsy hold?
(a) Senator.
(b) Physician.
(c) Merchant.
(d) Fisherman.

12. In Pantagruel: Chapter Twenty-two, the people of Dipsodes surrender to Pantagruel, except for whom?
(a) Panurge.
(b) Epistemon.
(c) Almyrodes.
(d) King Anarch.

13. Who consults Seraphin Calobarsy to set Gargantua on a better path in Gargantua: Chapter Twenty-one?
(a) Carpalim.
(b) Solomon.
(c) Ponocrates.
(d) Badebec.

14. Where do six pilgrims returning from Saint Sebastian's hide in Gargantua: Chapter Thirty-six?
(a) A lakeshore.
(b) A forest.
(c) A garden.
(d) A meadow.

15. Who becomes stuck in a tree as he encourages the men to have courage in Gargantua: Chapter Forty?
(a) Gargantua.
(b) Hastyveal.
(c) Frere Jean.
(d) King Picrochole the Third.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Panurge dress as a crier of green sauce in order to settle him into a trade in Pantagruel: Chapter Twenty-one?

2. Who kills many of the enemy when he sees them stealing the grapes that the monastery uses for an entire year of wine in Gargantua: Chapter Twenty-five?

3. What is the name of the abbey built by Gargantua in Gargantua: Chapter Fifty?

4. How many generations of Pantagruel's genealogy are described in Pantagruel: Chapter One?

5. What position is offered to Pantagruel in Pantagruel: Chapter Ten?

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