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Short Answer Questions

1. What didn't Christopher understand when he arrived at Foxworth?

2. How do the servants distinguish between the two Mrs. Foxworths?

3. Why did Alicia finally choose to tell Olivia what was happening?

4. From whom did Malcolm receive a letter?

5. How did Mal die?

Short Essay Questions

1. What had Mal done against his father's wishes, and why did this please Olivia?

2. For what reasons had Olivia suspected that John Amos was jealous of Christopher?

3. In what way did Malcolm's opinion of John Amos solidify Olivia's desire to keep him around?

4. What had Malcolm been doing to Alicia?

5. How did Alicia react to Garland's death?

6. What had Malcolm already discussed with Mal and Joel?

7. How had Olivia reacted coldly to Alicia?

8. Why didn't Olivia immediately begin crying when she finished reading the telegram proclaiming Joel's death?

9. At first, what other things did Alicia ask?

10. What had provided the reason for Olivia to search out Christopher?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both Mal and Joel died due to fact that they hadn't listened to their father. Prove or disprove this statement and discuss how the story might have been altered if they had both been allowed to live.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the deaths of Mal and Joel. What possible reasons might the author have had for killing them both off? How did their deaths affect the final outcome of the story, if at all?

Essay Topic 3

As Olivia's hope to be loved by Malcolm fades to oblivion, she turns further and further away from him and more and more draws towards God. Illustrate this gradual shift in her personality and emotional well being. Explain how she changes, and what best illustrates these changes.

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