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Short Answer Questions

1. What had happened to Malcolm's mother?

2. What was unusual about the picture of Malcolm's mother?

3. What characteristic(s) of women did Malcolm despise?

4. What was the dressmakers name?

5. How did Malcolm treat Olivia the first time he 'slept' with her?

Short Essay Questions

1. At first, what other things did Alicia ask?

2. Why did Olivia initially deny Alicia the Victrola or radio?

3. Under what conditions was Corinne allowed to move herself and her children back to Foxworth Hall?

4. What were some of the major differences between Garland and Malcolm?

5. In what way would Olivia become strictly an instrument of God?

6. Why hadn't Malcolm taken a wife?

7. What happened to Malcolm following Corinne and Christopher's departure?

8. What memory did Olivia have that made her feel claustrophobic?

9. How was little Corinne the light of Foxworth Hall?

10. What had Malcolm already discussed with Mal and Joel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

John Amos is used to illustrate religion, and to bring both Olivia and Malcolm to God. Discuss John's role in the story. How might it have progressed without the centralized religious themes?

Essay Topic 2

Both Mal and Joel died due to fact that they hadn't listened to their father. Prove or disprove this statement and discuss how the story might have been altered if they had both been allowed to live.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, contrast is utilized to provide clarity to situations and characters. Find three examples of this and illustrate the contrast between them.

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