Garden of Shadows Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why did Olivia's father encourage her to go to business school?

Olivia's father encouraged her to go to business school and to do his books because he figured that she wouldn't be able to use her looks to land a husband. Olivia was tall and a bit of an imposing figure, and her father figured that she would be a great asset to any man and a help in the more masculine duties of the home.

2. How did Olivia feel about meeting Malcolm and how did she feel once she had met him?

Olivia initially felt that no man would be interested in her, that she was too imposing and masculine for any man to fall in love with her and, since several potential suitors had already denied interest in her, she felt that she was rehearsing for failure. However, once she had met Malcolm, she was entranced, because he was handsome, taller than her, and seemed to be genuinely interested in her.

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