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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapters 18-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did doctors dub this neckline?
(a) The Death blouse.
(b) The Plague blouse.
(c) The Indecent blouse.
(d) The Pneumonia blouse.

2. What did Christopher exhibit openly?
(a) Warmth.
(b) Forgiveness and understanding.
(c) Sympathy.
(d) All of these.

3. What animal did the bed in Malcolm's mother's room resemble?
(a) A dove.
(b) A swan.
(c) A cat.
(d) A turtle.

4. What did Corinne look like in the red velvet dress Malcolm had bought her?
(a) A princess.
(b) A queen.
(c) A movie star.
(d) All of these.

5. Where were Christopher and Corinne?
(a) In Corinne's room.
(b) In the Swan room.
(c) In Christopher's room.
(d) In the attic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Malcolm didn't inform his father about what?

2. What didn't Olivia know how to do with the children?

3. What did Malcolm attempt to get Olivia to do?

4. Why did Olivia greet Malcolm warmly when he had approached her in the nursery?

5. Why is Malcolm to transfer a million dollars into trust for each of the boys?

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