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This was a source of fantasy for Olivia, but continually under glass.

Letter from Alicia

This was sent to Foxworth Hall to beg care for her son.


This is the device that claims Mal's life.

Christmas Tree

Ever larger each year, this is something that takes days to set up properly. It is a good thing it only is used once a year.

Secluded Second Floor Bedroom

This is a place far from the main body of the house in the North Wing.


After a scare, Olivia vows never to set foot here again.

Swan Room

A room once belonging to Malcolm's mother, it becomes the setting for much of the 'sin' depicted in the novel.

Trophy Room

In here there is a hole in the wall overlooking the Swan Room.

Foxworth Hall

This is the setting of much of the book and where Olivia...

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