Garden of Shadows Character Descriptions

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Olivia Foxworth - This is the ugly duckling daughter of a rich businessman in Connecticut.

Malcolm Foxworth - A good looking man, this character is the son of a wealthy businessman and owner of the featured Hall.

Alicia Foxworth - This is the second wife of Garland, and the mother of Corinne and Christopher.

Garland Foxworth - This laid back, easy going character brings light and laughter to Foxworth Hall upon arrival with their spouse.

Christopher Foxworth - The child of Garland and Alicia, this character is described as being warm and compassionate, loving and sweet.

Corinne Foxworth, Daughter - Named after her fathers' mother, this character is the daughter of Malcolm, and the perceived daughter of Olivia.

Malcolm 'Mal' Foxworth - This character is the eldest child of Malcolm and Olivia.

Joel Foxworth - This character is the youngest child of Olivia and Malcolm.

John Amos...

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