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Prologue and Part 1: Chapters 1-2

• The prologue is simply a letter written by Olivia Winfield Foxworth informing her readers that she has authored this book to be opened twenty years after her death to explain her side of the story told by her grandchildren.

• Olivia has a dollhouse so expensive that it is under glass to keep her from damaging it, and she believes that the life contained in the doll's faces is how married life ought to be.

• Olivia sees herself as too tall and unattractive to find a husband, and in lieu of attractive looks, her father sent her to business school.

• When she is introduced to Malcolm Neal Foxworth, a man possessing good looks, is taller than her, and is interested in her mind, she believes she has stumbled into a dream.
• Malcolm admires Olivia's education and the fact that she does not act unintelligent...

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