The Garden of Eden Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does David feel about Catherine's haircut?

When Catherine returns with her hair cut as short as a boy's, identical to David's, he calls her "brother." David silently bids her goodbye, as if she is leaving, although she is sleeping beside him.

2. How does David catch his sea bass?

David hooks a huge sea bass on very light tackle and battles the fish for hours, although it exhausts him. Coached by the waiter from the cafy and surrounded by a growing crowd, David battles the fish on their behalf.

3. What happens while David and Catherine are swimming at the cove?

While the couple swims naked at a secluded cove, David checks his wristwatch, worrying that "the girl" is getting too much sun. She assures him they will not let their nocturnal activities ruin their daytime harmony.

4. What does David get in the mail during his honeymoon?

By mail, David's bank has forwarded letters to him from his publisher. Two of them contain clippings of advertisements and good reviews for his second novel. The novel is in its second printing, and David calculates his earnings as being over a thousand dollars.

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