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The consumption of this is featured prominently in the story, and is portrayed as being suave, elegant, and sophisticated, an aura it exudes well into the 1960s.


David's possession of this is a sign of modernity and masculinity. It is the first clue that he had been an officer during the war.

Le Grau du Roi

At the beginning of the novel and their marriage, Catherine and David live here on the French Mediterranean in what is symbolically their Garden of Eden.

The Fish

Catching this illustrates David's machismo, his mastery over his surroundings. It symbolizes both his success as a writer and his conquering and marrying Catherine.


This is a very tart, pale green licorice-flavored herbal distilled liquor which turns an opal color when water is gradually added.


David Bourne is raised by his father here. This becomes the location of a significant...

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