The Garden of Eden Character Descriptions

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David Bourne

This character, born in the U.S. and raised by his father in East Africa, was an aviator during the First World War and published his second novel shortly before this story opens.

Catherine Hill Bourne

This character is the quintessential Hemingway heroine: slim, active, golden, tanned, and athletic with short hair. She is completely focused on being a good wife and fulfilling her husband's every desire.


This character is a lesbian that is seduced into being the third partner in a newlywed tryst.

David's Father

This character is a man whose own life is a total disaster, yet he gives excellent advice. A brutal hunter, he is a kind and generous father who helps his son learn to respect himself.


The main character leads his father to this, and his father kills it.


This is the main character's dog during his African...

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