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Chapter 1

• David and Catherine are on their honeymoon in the French Riviera. They spend their days lounging on the beach, riding bikes and making love.

• With the help of a knowledgeable waiter, David catches a large sea bass. It takes him hours.

• Catherine gets her hair cut short like a boy's. She comes home and tells David that she is now the boy and he is the girl as a game in bed. He silently bids her goodbye.

Chapter 2

• When David wakes up the next morning, he is hurt and confused about the sexual encounter from the night before. He and Catherine go to the cafy for breakfast.

• They go swimming naked in a cove, and David checks his wrist watch worried that Catherine will get too much sun. She tells him the sexual encounters are only for night.

• The couple has mail when they get to the...

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