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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Rudy do the first night he met Yolanda?

2. What was the mother always doing in her spare time in America?

3. What did Rudy ask Yolanda to borrow the first time he spoke to her?

4. Who helps Yolanda find the food she wants?

5. What did Carla do to make the sneakers red?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the girls are successful at removing Sofia from the island, what does this mean for Sofia and her future? Did the girls help their sister or hurt her?

2. How were the mother's inventions an important part of her American life? What did this say about her ambitions for herself?

3. What insults did John say to Yolanda? Was he teasing, or was he serious? Was the relationship really abusive, or was Yolanda putting her own spin on her memory?

4. In the first chapter, why is the boy crying on the side of the road? Why would nobody believe him when he went for help? What does this say about the country?

5. How were the girls affected by their mother dressing them all alike, but in different colors? Why did they refer to it as "assembly-line" mentality?

6. Why will Yolanda's mother not let her bang the drum? Why would she allow such a toy and then put limits on it? Does this confuse Yolanda? Why?

7. Why are the boys not interested in Yolanda once she gets to college? What changed between high school and college?

8. How did the girls' mother view finding the marijuana? What does this symbolize for the mother?

9. Whose face is on the statue at the National Cathedral? Who carved the statue? What is Sandi's reaction to seeing her own face reflected back at her?

10. How does Carla view the celebration dinner for the family's first American year? Why do the parents view it differently from the kids? What is this telling the reader?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Is there a link between learning and the arts? Describe each daughter and the mother and their unique artistic talents. Who teaches the children about art? How is learning about art enhanced once the family arrives in the States?

Essay Topic 2

What is symbolic about the toys that grandmother returns with from New York? Why does she always bring gifts? Do you think she feels guilty about the children being born into a family that is in danger? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 3

What is the relationship between the servants and the family on the island? Does this change once they reach the States? Why? Why not? How do the children relate to the servants? Is their relationship different from the parents? Why?

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