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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did the Garcias live when they first arrived in New York?
(a) In a compound.
(b) On the streets.
(c) In a row house.
(d) In a small apartment.

2. The evening that the Garcias went to the restaurant to meet the Fannings, how did they get there?
(a) Their father drove them.
(b) By subway.
(c) In a cab.
(d) By bus.

3. Who is Charito?
(a) The local artist.
(b) A woman in America.
(c) An aunt.
(d) The local prostitute.

4. How did Yolanda almost get her dad killed?
(a) She said he had a gun.
(b) She told her cousins that they were leaving for America soon.
(c) She said he had connections with the CIA.
(d) She bragged at school that her father was in the CIA.

5. What was the secret phrase that the mother sent to Don Victor to tell him that there was trouble?
(a) To come to the house to eat.
(b) To go to his office.
(c) To come pick up his tennis shoes.
(d) To go play tennis with her husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Gladys want from Carla?

2. Before the Garcias went out to dinner with the Fannings, what did the mother tell the girls they were allowed to order as a drink in the restaurant?

3. Where did the Fannings take the Garcias for dinner?

4. Who was talking on the television in the chapter "Snow" and, in Yolanda's mind, was looking worried?

5. Why did Yolanda like her 4th grade teacher so much?

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