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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the Human Body at the end of the chapter?
(a) The dogs chewed the parts until they couldn't be recognized.
(b) The grandmother took it away from both children.
(c) It was put away in a closet and never played with.
(d) Mundin gave it to Yolanda and she played with it all the time.

2. Why did Carla's mother not drive her to school?
(a) She wanted Carla to walk for the excercise.
(b) She didn't know how to drive.
(c) She prefered the bus.
(d) She was too busy to drive her daughter.

3. What expression was Carla so taken with that she used it over and over?
(a) My friend.
(b) Swan song.
(c) By heart.
(d) Too cool.

4. Where did the Fannings take the Garcias for dinner?
(a) To the Crystal Palace.
(b) To a Spanish restaurant.
(c) To a supper club.
(d) To a Chinese restaurant.

5. What was the country's slogan in the Dominican Republic?
(a) "Country pride."
(b) "Trujillo is your friend."
(c) "God and Trujillo are taking care of you."
(d) "Become wealthy with Trujillo."

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Laura offer the men who were keeping watch at her gate when she arrived home?

2. What did the father keep in his hiding place?

3. What was the father's hiding place from the secret police?

4. What did Mundin want Yolanda to show him as a trade for the clay?

5. When Carla reached the 7th grade, what did the nun at school suggest about her schooling?

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