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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Sandi see when her father and Mrs. Fanning accompanied her to the restroom?
(a) Her father caught Mrs. Fanning.
(b) Mrs. Fanning lost her skirt.
(c) Mrs. Fanning kissing her father.
(d) Mrs. Fanning fell down.

2. What happened to Sandi's ability to paint?
(a) Her arm healed crooked and she never painted again.
(b) Her arm healed and she painted for another month or so.
(c) She became a painter and majored in art at college.
(d) Her arm healed straight, but she lost interest in painting.

3. What did Carla's father tell her about Gladys?
(a) That she was dishonest.
(b) That she was a liar.
(c) That she couldn't be a friend.
(d) That she couldn't be trusted.

4. What was the rumor about Don Jose?
(a) That he left to go live in Madrid.
(b) That he ran off with Dona Charito's sister.
(c) That he went crazy and was unable to finish a colossal project for the church.
(d) That he was dead.

5. When the police questioned Carla about the man in the car, who did they insist answer all the questions?
(a) Carla's father.
(b) Carla's mother.
(c) Yolanda because she spoke the best English.
(d) Carla alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the bank get rusty?

2. Which cousin was Yolanda paired up with at their home in the Dominican Republic?

3. What kind of dancers were at the restaurant where the Fannings took the Garcias?

4. Why did Nivea think the girls were lucky?

5. What did Carla find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning?

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