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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Carla was accosted on the way home from school, what kind of car was the man driving?
(a) A Ford.
(b) A Volkswagen.
(c) A large black car.
(d) A lime green medium-sized car.

2. What did Mundin want Yolanda to show him as a trade for the clay?
(a) Her new book.
(b) That she is a girl.
(c) How she could roll the clay.
(d) How she curled her hair.

3. How did the other students react to Carla in her new school in the 7th grade?
(a) A gang of boys taunted her.
(b) They ignored her.
(c) The girls loved her long braided hair.
(d) The girls teased her about her clothes.

4. What did Sandi see in the shed at the artist's house?
(a) Her father, doing laundry
(b) An old servant doing laundry.
(c) A naked man working on a large sculpture.
(d) A man in uniform with a dog.

5. What was Yolanda's 4th grade teacher's name?
(a) Sister Boom Boom.
(b) Sister Theresa.
(c) Sister Zoe.
(d) Sister Mary.

6. On their last day in the Dominican Republic what were the girls allowed to take with them to the U.S.?
(a) Three toys.
(b) One full suitcase.
(c) One object each and the clothes they were wearing.
(d) Candy.

7. What dance did the girls' parents dance at the Christmas party?
(a) The monkey.
(b) The Jitterbug.
(c) The bolero.
(d) The tango.

8. Why were all the de la Torre girls sent to take art lessons?
(a) All the de la Torre girls were given equal decorative skills.
(b) They got a better price for more kids.
(c) The teacher wanted a full class.
(d) The teacher wanted to make more money.

9. What did Sandi see on Christmas Eve with her family after the art lesson?
(a) All the gifts under the tree.
(b) All her cousins gathered at grandmother and grandfather's.
(c) Don Jose's giants from the workshed.
(d) Their house was ransacked by the secret police.

10. What did Carla think of the yearly celebration of coming to America?
(a) She couldn't remember coming to America.
(b) It was celebrating the day they lost everything.
(c) She totally understood the fuss.
(d) It was great and she loved the cake.

11. What did Carla's father tell her about Gladys?
(a) That she couldn't be trusted.
(b) That she was a liar.
(c) That she was dishonest.
(d) That she couldn't be a friend.

12. How did Dona Charito meet her husband?
(a) Posing for him to sketch her.
(b) At the Prado in Madrid.
(c) On vacation with her family.
(d) In an art class.

13. What was the secret phrase that the mother sent to Don Victor to tell him that there was trouble?
(a) To come pick up his tennis shoes.
(b) To go play tennis with her husband.
(c) To come to the house to eat.
(d) To go to his office.

14. When Victor arrived at the Garcia's and the secret police were there, what was revealed about the Garcia's immigration papers?
(a) That immigration papers were illegal.
(b) That there were no papers.
(c) That they were held up.
(d) That they had been cleared.

15. What happened to the other girl cousins and their art lessons?
(a) They went to a new teacher further away.
(b) They took two more lessons and quit.
(c) They continued their lessons for one year.
(d) They never returned to the artist's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. When asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, what did Mundin respond?

2. What story was Yolanda reading when her cousin tried to get her attention with the clay snake?

3. What did Papito, the grandfather, do to make the government not like him very much?

4. How did Carla's mother react to her being accosted on the way home from school?

5. Who taught at the Catholic school that the girls first attended in New York?

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