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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Four Girls.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What saying did the father say about having four girls?
(a) "Good chickens have chicks."
(b) '"Good bulls sire cows."
(c) "We need a rooster."
(d) "Girls are worthless."

2. At the beginning of the novel, how do the aunts and cousins view Yolanda?
(a) Like a hippie.
(b) Like a professional woman.
(c) Like a young Spanish princess.
(d) Like a Peace Corps girl who has let herself go.

3. Why did Sandra end up in a mental institution?
(a) She tried to starve herself to death.
(b) She wrote a disturbing letter home.
(c) She got really fat.
(d) She called her mother and she couldn't stop crying.

4. What did the mother always call the girls?
(a) By their names.
(b) The four girls.
(c) By the color of their dresses.
(d) Her babies.

5. What do the candles on the cake represent?
(a) The 5 girls cousins.
(b) The 5 years Yolanda has been gone.
(c) The 5 aunts and their families.
(d) The 5 cities where relatives live.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sister has a baby?

2. What name do the sisters give to Otto?

3. In the first chapter of the novel, what does Yolanda want to do that shocks her relatives?

4. What does Lucinda look like?

5. Why is Sofia throwing the party for her father?

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