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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Still Lives.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nicknames does the grandfather give to the baby?
(a) Little Prince.
(b) Bad boy.
(c) Charles the Fifth, Charles Dickens, Prince Charles.
(d) Chiquita.

2. What did the other students at the American school think of the background of the sisters?
(a) They thought their skin was too dark.
(b) They thought they were stupid.
(c) They thought they were related to a dictator.
(d) They thought they were cool.

3. When the police questioned Carla about the man in the car, who did they insist answer all the questions?
(a) Carla alone.
(b) Carla's mother.
(c) Yolanda because she spoke the best English.
(d) Carla's father.

4. Where did the Fannings take the Garcias for dinner?
(a) To the Crystal Palace.
(b) To a supper club.
(c) To a Spanish restaurant.
(d) To a Chinese restaurant.

5. When the mother was confronted by a salesclerk in a store, how did she put them off?
(a) She told them she had no money.
(b) She told them she cannot speak English.
(c) She told them she would have to talk purchases over with her husband.
(d) She did not put them off, but bought everything in sight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Carla's mother not drive her to school?

2. Why did Yolanda's parents become concerned about her?

3. What was Yolanda's 4th grade teacher's name?

4. On the island, what was different about the patio where men and women sit and talk?

5. What do the candles on the cake represent?

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