Daily Lessons for Teaching How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Part 1, 1989-1972, Antojos Yolanda has a foot in two different cultures and wants to use her American rules to create a home for herself in the Dominican Republic. The objective of this lesson is to determine if Yolanda will be successful merging her two homelands to create a life for herself.

1) 1. Class Discussion: Describe how Yolanda is American. Describe how Yolanda is Dominican. How does she have her foot in two cultures? What language does she speak?

2. Group Discussion: How are her travel plans "American?" Why are the aunts concerned about what Yolanda plans to do? Is the situation truly dangerous? Why?

3. Individual: Write a one page paper on why Yolanda has returned to the island. What is she doing back with her extended family? What are her plans? Why is she keeping her plans a secret?

4. Homework: Journal: Do you think Yolanda will stay on...

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