Gandhi, the Man Short Essay - Answer Key

Eknath Easwaran
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1. What does Easwaran describe in the first chapter?

The first chapter of the book is called "The Transformation," and in it, Easwaran describes the contrast between Gandhi as a youth and Gandhi as the world-changing figure he was to become.

2. How did Gandhi come to be married to Kasturbai?

His marriage to Kasturbai was arranged by their parents, and the two of them were wed when Gandhi was but thirteen years old. While he loved her immediately, and prized her as a companion, his childishness manifested itself in proud and oppressive rule over her until her tender and forgiving example made her one of his most effective teachers.

3. What does Gandhi's uncle do for him after high school?

Having made a dismal performance in high school, Gandhi was in need of a new direction and was given a hint by his uncle who suggested he go to England to study law. He and his family scraped together the money, and he left for England as a self-conscious and socially unskilled eighteen-year-old boy.

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