Daily Lessons for Teaching Gandhi, the Man

Eknath Easwaran
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Lesson 1 (from Forward/The Transformation)


In Forward/The Transformation, Michael N. Nagler opens by asking the reader to consider whether Gandhi might be the most significant historical figure of the 20th century. This lesson will discuss this forward and its purpose.


Class Discussion: Describe the forward.

Small Group Activity: What is the purpose of this forward? How does it prepare the reader for the rest of the book?

Class Discussion: Discuss how the forward praises Gandhi and provides reasons for why this author is the perfect man to tell Gandhi's life story. Create a KWL chart about Gandhi, based on this forward, including what is known about Gandhi and what the students would like to know about Gandhi. As they continue reading this book, add what they learn about Gandhi.

Homework: Who is someone in your own life who would be the perfect person to tell your life story? Why...

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