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Louis Fischer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three: Chapter 27, 28 and 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gandhi had made "humility and truth more powerful than ______________."
(a) Empires.
(b) Mankind.
(c) Love.
(d) God.

2. Gandhi told the masses not to wear what?
(a) Shoes.
(b) Indian clothing.
(c) Hats.
(d) Western clothing.

3. In what did the boycott result?
(a) Violence.
(b) Freedom.
(c) Peace.
(d) Equality.

4. How did Gandhi feel about his young marriage?
(a) He considered it to be wrong.
(b) He found it strange.
(c) He found it embarrassing.
(d) He considered it to be exciting.

5. Gandhi was offered a position as a lawyer in _________ which he accepted.
(a) South Africa.
(b) Nepal.
(c) India.
(d) South America.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Gandhi tell his people to do when the government announced that all Indians must register?

2. How successful was Gandhi at learning English?

3. Why could Gandhi not reconcile himself to this fact?

4. When he died, was Gandhi a private citizen with noteworthy professional achievement?

5. Gandhi encouraged the Indians to do what around Transvaal, the city forbidden to unregistered Indians?

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