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Louis Fischer
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Essay Topic 1

Gandhi's funeral is attended by a million people.

Part 1) How do these people react to Gandhi's death? Why do they react this way? Why might this be surprising?

Part 2) How has Gandhi become such an influential man? How has he affected these one million people?

Part 3) Who in our own culture is influential? Why are they influential? How do they compare to Gandhi?

Essay Topic 2

As a child, Gandhi shows no proclivity towards school work and no special talent.

Part 1) How does this change? What role does his time in London play in this change?

Part 2) Describe incidences that create major changes in Gandhi's life, actions, and personality. Would Gandhi have changed so drastically without these incidences? Why or why not?

Part 3) What can you learn from Gandhi's childhood and adult life?

Essay Topic 3

Gandhi studies in London.

Part 1) What did he study? Why does he...

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