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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the result of Robb's battle with Jaime Lannister's army at Riverrun?

2. Why is Jon concerned about his friend Sam, who is also with the Night Watch?

3. What does Tyrion tell Bronn is the reason Tyrion dislikes his own father?

4. What does Tyrion promise to the outlaws who attack him and Bronn?

5. What does Daenerys do as Drogo's battle injury becomes infected, endangering his life?

Short Essay Questions

1. On what condition will Cersei grant mercy for Eddard?

2. When Sansa discusses the children she and Joffrey will have, what does Eddard realize about Jon Arryn's death?

3. Why does Arya disguise herself as a boy?

4. What does Lysa Arryn say about the Lannisters that shows she is unstable?

5. Even though Tyrion survives the battle with Robb's army, why is he upset about the flank of the army to which his father assigned him?

6. What is the threat Robert makes to Eddard if Eddard resigns as King's Hand?

7. What gesture does Daenerys make toward her brother Viserys that shows she is growing up?

8. While Bran is riding in the woods with Robb and some of their men, what do the wildlings who capture Bran want to do with him?

9. Why does Eddard choose his own man, instead of the King's Justice, to enforce the death sentence against Ser Gregor?

10. What knowledge about the paternity of Cersei's children does Eddard reveal to Cersei?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a prologue introducing a sequel about Robb's life as King of the North, Tyrion's life as King's Hand, or Daenerys' life as mother of three dragons. Be sure to include the exposition in the prologue.

Essay Topic 2

The author made up the world in which the characters live. Even though the world is much different from ours, what parallels can you draw between the world in A Game of Thrones and the world in which you live?

Essay Topic 3

The author uses a variety of made-up words in A Game of Thrones. Why did the author make up words instead of using conventional terms? How does the genre of the story relate to the made-up terms? Does the use of these words enhance or detract from your understanding of the story? Does the use of these words enhance or detract from the content of the story? Select five of these made-up words and explain their meaning in the story.

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