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Short Answer Questions

1. After learning the position of Jaime Lannister's army, where does Robb want to lead his army?

2. What does Arya do after overhearing the conversation about her father while she was sword training in the Red Keep?

3. Who does the wildling girl tell Robb he should be fighting?

4. Why does Jon want to leave the Night Watch?

5. When will Lysa Arryn's son Robert be able to rule as Lord of the Eyries?

Short Essay Questions

1. What knowledge about the paternity of Cersei's children does Eddard reveal to Cersei?

2. How does Cersei thwart Robert's dying wish that Eddard become Protector of the Realm?

3. What do Robb and Catelyn decide to do about the letter from Sansa?

4. What gesture does Daenerys make toward her brother Viserys that shows she is growing up?

5. What is the threat Robert makes to Eddard if Eddard resigns as King's Hand?

6. On what condition will Cersei grant mercy for Eddard?

7. While Bran is riding in the woods with Robb and some of their men, what do the wildlings who capture Bran want to do with him?

8. Why is Jon sent to his room under guard after he has a fight with Ser Alliser at dinner?

9. What does Sam tell Jon when Jon is upset that he is made steward to the Lord Commander of the Night Watch?

10. What was the distraction provided by the battle in which Tyrion fought with his father's army?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Several components of quality literature include:

1) use of descriptive words and images

2) use of analogies, metaphors, and similes

3) an attention-grabbing beginning

4) details

5) appealing to the five senses

Is A Game of Thrones an example of quality literature? Why or why not? Give examples from the story using three of the five components of quality literature to explain your answer.

Essay Topic 2

The author intertwines a number of topics/themes throughout the plot of A Game of Thrones. Explain one of the following topics/themes from the story, where it is present, how it's presented, and how it affects the plot and characters. Give examples from the story to explain your answer.

1) loyalty

2) injustice

3) truth

4) courage

Essay Topic 3

Explore the nature of good and evil as it exists in A Game of Thrones. In the war between the Lannisters and the Starks, was one side all good and the other side all evil? What makes you think this? Do the Targaryens represent good or evil? Why?

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