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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Robb want to send his army of foot soldiers?

2. Why is it significant that Arya kills a stable hand when she gets her sword, Needle?

3. What does Daenerys do for Drogo when she finds he has been injured in battle?

4. What does Tyrion promise to the outlaws who attack him and Bronn?

5. What does Cersei tell Sansa about Eddard after Sansa has been held prisoner for several days?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is said about Arya's father in the conversation she overhears while she is sword training in the Red Keep?

2. What event causes Drogo to change his mind and invade the Seven Kingdoms?

3. Why is Jon sent to his room under guard after he has a fight with Ser Alliser at dinner?

4. What gesture does Daenerys make toward her brother Viserys that shows she is growing up?

5. Why does Arya disguise herself as a boy?

6. Under what condition will Cersei allow Sansa to marry Joffrey?

7. How does Cersei thwart Robert's dying wish that Eddard become Protector of the Realm?

8. What does Eddard see as a benefit if he joins the Night Watch?

9. What are Eddard's conflicting feelings about remaining in King's Landing when he resigns as the King's Hand?

10. On what condition will Cersei grant mercy for Eddard?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a prologue introducing a sequel about Robb's life as King of the North, Tyrion's life as King's Hand, or Daenerys' life as mother of three dragons. Be sure to include the exposition in the prologue.

Essay Topic 2

The author made up the world in which the characters live. Even though the world is much different from ours, what parallels can you draw between the world in A Game of Thrones and the world in which you live?

Essay Topic 3

"'No . . . not me. I seldom even dream of dragons anymore. There are no dragons.'" Tyrion makes this statement in chapter 13. Explain this statement as it applies to Tyrion's hopes, maturity, and child-like (not childish) beliefs.

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