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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jon think killed the two men found Beyond-the-Wall?

2. Whom does Eddard think is the rightful heir to Robert's throne?

3. What does Daenerys do as Drogo's battle injury becomes infected, endangering his life?

4. What does Arya do while her sword training teacher fights Ser Meryn?

5. Where does Catelyn decide to take Tyrion instead of to King's Landing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the threat Robert makes to Eddard if Eddard resigns as King's Hand?

2. What knowledge about the paternity of Cersei's children does Eddard reveal to Cersei?

3. What is said about Arya's father in the conversation she overhears while she is sword training in the Red Keep?

4. What event causes Drogo to change his mind and invade the Seven Kingdoms?

5. What is the deal Catelyn makes with Lord Walder of the Twins so Robb's army can cross the river?

6. Why does Arya disguise herself as a boy?

7. Why does Bran want to go into the crypt?

8. While Bran is riding in the woods with Robb and some of their men, what do the wildlings who capture Bran want to do with him?

9. What does Sam tell Jon when Jon is upset that he is made steward to the Lord Commander of the Night Watch?

10. What does Eddard see as a benefit if he joins the Night Watch?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In A Game of Thrones, circumstances force both Robb and Daenerys to make decisions and behave in ways which defined their maturity. Compare and contrast Robb and Daenerys in terms of their maturity in the story. What behavior did they show which demonstrated their maturity? Did one character mature more than the other? If so, which character? How? Was one character required to make more mature decisions and behave more maturely than the other? If so, who? How?

Essay Topic 2

Why did the author title the book A Game of Thrones? What events in the story could be considered a "game"? What does the word "game" usually mean? Do you think any of the characters would use the word "game" to describe the events in the story? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

The author intertwines a number of topics/themes throughout the plot of A Game of Thrones. Explain one of the following topics/themes from the story, where it is present, how it's presented, and how it affects the plot and characters. Give examples from the story to explain your answer.

1) loyalty

2) injustice

3) truth

4) courage

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