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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jon find when he investigates a noise after they find the direwolf pups?

2. In the Prologue, what are three members of the Night Watch doing outside the Wall?

3. Who originally owned the dagger used in Bran's murder attempt?

4. What does Ser Royce order Will to do at the scene where Will made his observation?

5. When Lady Catelyn tells her husband about Robert Baratheon, what does their conversation reveal about Lord Eddard's feelings about Robert's wife and family?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information about the setting does the author provide in the prologue?

2. Why is Jon Snow having difficulty while training for the Night Watch?

3. Why does Lord Eddard allow Jon Snow to join the Night Watch?

4. What wish does Lady Catelyn express to Jon when he visits the injured Bran?

5. What is Littlefinger's advice to Eddard regarding the dagger used in Bran's murder attempt?

6. Regarding the King's Hand, what does Lady Catelyn Stark need to tell her husband Lord Eddard Stark on the night he rescued the direwolf pups?

7. Why does the debt owed by the kingdom to the Lannisters concern Eddard?

8. Explain what happens when Joffrey and Sansa see Arya and Mycah, the butcher's son, practicing sword fighting.

9. Why does Lady Catelyn want Lord Eddard to take the job as King's Hand?

10. Why is Jon not permitted to participate in the activities he views from the parapet?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is stronger in A Game of Thrones--plot development or character development? Why? Give examples from the story to explain your answer. Do you think the author did this intentionally? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

"'No . . . not me. I seldom even dream of dragons anymore. There are no dragons.'" Tyrion makes this statement in chapter 13. Explain this statement as it applies to Tyrion's hopes, maturity, and child-like (not childish) beliefs.

Essay Topic 3

How does the setting influence the events in the story? Give examples to explain your answer.

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