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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tyrion hope will happen when Bran recovers from his fall from the window?

2. How does Joffrey react when Sansa tries to comfort him after the sword fighting incident with Arya and Mycah?

3. Why does Tyrion slap Joffrey across the face when Tyrion tells him to pay his respects to Lady Catelyn and Lord Eddard?

4. When Lady Catelyn tells Littlefinger why she is in King's Landing, what does he tell her?

5. What does Eddard notice about the joust between Ser Gregor and Ser Gregor's brother, the Hound?

Short Essay Questions

1. What wish does Lady Catelyn express to Jon when he visits the injured Bran?

2. What does Daenerys discover about her husband, Drogo, after they are married?

3. What does Queen Cersei decide after Joffrey and Arya describe their parts in the sword fighting incident?

4. Why does Lady Catelyn decide to travel to King's Landing after the attempt on Bran's life?

5. What causes the internal difficulties faced by the Night Watch?

6. How is Robert Baratheon's relationship with Lyanna important?

7. What is the purpose of the fire that was set in the library as Bran lay injured in his bed?

8. After Robert finishes arguing with his squires before the tourney, what does Robert reveal to Eddard about Joffrey and Cersei?

9. Why does the debt owed by the kingdom to the Lannisters concern Eddard?

10. What rules must the members of the Night Watch follow?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The chapters in A Game of Thrones are short. Why do you think the author chose to keep the chapters short? Do the short chapters help or hinder the flow of the plot? Why? Give examples from the story to explain your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Ambition plays a large part in A Game of Thrones. Explain the topic/theme of ambition as it applies to the Lannisters and Viserys Targaryen.

Essay Topic 3

In A Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and Bran both have dreams. Choose a dream of one of these two characters. Who has the dream? What is the dream about? What symbolism is in the dream? What does the content of the dream tell us about the character who has the dream? Does the dream provide any hints or clues of events that take place later in the story? What is the author's purpose in including the dream in the story?

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