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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Robb want Catelyn to go after they discuss military strategy?
(a) Riverrun.
(b) King's Landing.
(c) Red Fork.
(d) Winterfell.

2. When Daenerys wakes from a fever, what does she learn about her baby?
(a) She had false labor, and the baby is not yet born.
(b) The baby died.
(c) The baby is very sick and probably will not survive.
(d) Someone kidnapped her baby.

3. What led to King Robert's hunting injury?
(a) One of his squires intentionally injured him.
(b) He was lost.
(c) He was drunk and reckless.
(d) His equipment was stolen.

4. When Eddard tells Arya and Sansa that he is sending them home, why does Sansa not want to return home?
(a) She says she is bored at home.
(b) She has made many close friends in King's Landing.
(c) She wants to stay with Joffrey.
(d) She enjoys watching the tourneys in King's Landing.

5. After the battle at Riverrun, what concerns Catelyn about Tywin's army?
(a) Tywin's army is approaching.
(b) Tywin's army has suddenly appeared at Riverrun.
(c) Tywin's army is still strong.
(d) Tywin's army is holding Sansa captive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Daenerys do as Drogo's battle injury becomes infected, endangering his life?

2. What happens to Viserys when he draws a sword on Daenerys at a ceremony honoring her unborn child?

3. What does Maester Aemon tell Jon he must do regarding his desire to leave the Night Watch?

4. To what family does Maester Aemon belong?

5. What causes Daenerys to smother Drogo with a pillow?

Short Essay Questions

1. What knowledge about the paternity of Cersei's children does Eddard reveal to Cersei?

2. What are Eddard's conflicting feelings about remaining in King's Landing when he resigns as the King's Hand?

3. What is said about Arya's father in the conversation she overhears while she is sword training in the Red Keep?

4. What do Robb and Catelyn decide to do about the letter from Sansa?

5. What does Eddard see as a benefit if he joins the Night Watch?

6. What is the deal Catelyn makes with Lord Walder of the Twins so Robb's army can cross the river?

7. How does Cersei thwart Robert's dying wish that Eddard become Protector of the Realm?

8. Even though Tyrion survives the battle with Robb's army, why is he upset about the flank of the army to which his father assigned him?

9. What gesture does Daenerys make toward her brother Viserys that shows she is growing up?

10. What does Lysa Arryn say about the Lannisters that shows she is unstable?

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