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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once Jon takes his vows as a member of the Night Watch, where does he hope to be assigned?
(a) The rangers.
(b) Steward to the Lord Commander.
(c) The wildlings.
(d) A sword-fighting trainer.

2. Why does Drogo believe a battle against the Seven Kingdoms will be difficult and long?
(a) The Seven Kingdoms have fortified castles.
(b) The Seven Kingdoms have larger, more well-equipped armies.
(c) Robert is an excellent military strategist.
(d) The geography of the Seven Kingdoms is especially treacherous.

3. What does Bran learn from the wildling girl about what exists on the other side of the Wall?
(a) Mystical creatures still exist there.
(b) Benjen Stark lives as one of the Others.
(c) The Others are waiting to kill anyone who travels there.
(d) The wildlings are the only form of life left.

4. Because Robert knows he is dying, whom does he make Protector of the Realm?
(a) Lord Stannis.
(b) Jaime.
(c) Eddard.
(d) Joffrey.

5. Why do Jon and a group of men from the Night Watch go Beyond-the-Wall?
(a) They are looking for the children of the forest.
(b) They are looking for Benjen Stark and the missing knight.
(c) They are looking for the body that belongs to the severed hand brought to Jon by his direwolf.
(d) They are looking for the wildlings who attacked Bran.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Catelyn decide to take Tyrion instead of to King's Landing?

2. What does Daenerys do for Drogo when she finds he has been injured in battle?

3. What happens to Sansa when she refuses to sit in court with Joffrey?

4. After the battle at Riverrun, what concerns Catelyn about Tywin's army?

5. Who tells Arya that her father wants to see her as she is sword training?

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