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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bran learn from the wildling girl about what exists on the other side of the Wall?
(a) Mystical creatures still exist there.
(b) Benjen Stark lives as one of the Others.
(c) The wildlings are the only form of life left.
(d) The Others are waiting to kill anyone who travels there.

2. What does Eddard find a prostitute is in possession of at the brothel?
(a) Proof of Jon Arryn's killer.
(b) An illegitimate child of Robert's.
(c) Proof of Bran's attempted assassination.
(d) An illegitimate child of Eddard's.

3. Why does Eddard sentence Ser Gregor to death?
(a) Ser Gregor tried to assassinate Bran.
(b) Ser Gregor poisoned Jon Arryn.
(c) Ser Gregor's violent behavior in Riverrun.
(d) Ser Gregor murdered his own brother at the tourney.

4. What is the result of Robb's battle with Jaime Lannister's army at Riverrun?
(a) Robb is taken captive.
(b) Jaime and Robb withdraw their armies after sustaining heavy losses.
(c) Both Jaime and Robb are killed.
(d) Jaime is taken captive.

5. When Daenerys goes into labor, what do her handmaidens do?
(a) They try to convince Daenerys ' men to take her home.
(b) They take her into the tent to get the healer.
(c) They panic and become hysterical.
(d) They attempt to deliver Daenerys' baby themselves.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Drogo tells Daenerys he no longer intends to invade the Seven Kingdoms, what happens to Daenerys while she is visiting a market?

2. What does Robert want to do when he discovers Daenerys is pregnant?

3. When Eddard and his men are attacked by the Lannisters at the brothel, who does Eddard say will be killed if the Lannisters kill Eddard?

4. What does Drogo do with the men he discovers destroying a village?

5. What happens to Jon as he trains and serves with the Night Watch?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Sansa discusses the children she and Joffrey will have, what does Eddard realize about Jon Arryn's death?

2. What knowledge about the paternity of Cersei's children does Eddard reveal to Cersei?

3. What event causes Drogo to change his mind and invade the Seven Kingdoms?

4. On what condition will Cersei grant mercy for Eddard?

5. What does Eddard see as a benefit if he joins the Night Watch?

6. What is the threat Robert makes to Eddard if Eddard resigns as King's Hand?

7. Why does Bran want to go into the crypt?

8. What is the deal Catelyn makes with Lord Walder of the Twins so Robb's army can cross the river?

9. Even though Tyrion survives the battle with Robb's army, why is he upset about the flank of the army to which his father assigned him?

10. What is said about Arya's father in the conversation she overhears while she is sword training in the Red Keep?

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