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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose army do Tyrion and the outlaws who attacked him join after they come out of the mountains?
(a) Tyrion's father's army.
(b) Joffrey's army.
(c) Robb Stark's army.
(d) Ser Gregor's army.

2. What does Tyrion promise to the outlaws who attack him and Bronn?
(a) Not to tell anyone about the attack.
(b) Weapons from his father's armory.
(c) That his father will give them safe passage out of the mountains.
(d) That their demands will be heard by the king.

3. What does Arya do while her sword training teacher fights Ser Meryn?
(a) Freezes in terror.
(b) Kills Ser Meryn.
(c) Faints.
(d) Escapes.

4. What is Catelyn's concern about Lysa Arryn's son, Robert Arryn?
(a) Catelyn thinks he is not really Jon Arryn's son.
(b) Catelyn thinks he is in mortal danger from the Lannisters.
(c) Catelyn thinks he needs to be sent away to learn discpline.
(d) Catelyn thinks he needs a special doctor to treat his illness.

5. What order of Robert's does Cersei tear up?
(a) His order for Eddard to become Protector of the Realm.
(b) His order for Jaime to stand trial for killing Eddard's men.
(c) HIs order for Cersei to be banished from the kingdom because of her infidelity.
(d) His order for Joffrey to become Protector of the Realm.

6. What does Robb want to do when he learns of the fight between Eddard and the Lannisters?
(a) Hold a Lannister for ransom.
(b) Go to the king for support.
(c) Send his men against the Lannisters.
(d) Nothing.

7. Who does Cersei blame for the fight between the Lannisters and Eddard and his men at the brothel?
(a) Eddard.
(b) Jaime.
(c) Robert.
(d) Herself.

8. What causes Daenerys to smother Drogo with a pillow?
(a) She learns he will not recover from his injury.
(b) She finds him with one of her handmaidens.
(c) She is forced to by the healer.
(d) She is angry with him for trying to invade the Seven Kingdoms.

9. Why is Catelyn's uncle concerned about the possibility of Lysa Arryn's son Robert ruling as Lord of the Eyries?
(a) He knows there is another heir in line to rule.
(b) He knows that Robert will rule in name only, with Lysa controlling the decisions.
(c) He worries that Robert is not as strong as his father.
(d) He realizes the imminent danger to Robert from the Lannisters.

10. What does Arya do after overhearing the conversation about her father while she was sword training in the Red Keep?
(a) She formulates her own plan to thwart the plot against her father.
(b) She confronts the men having the conversation.
(c) She tells her father what she heard.
(d) She goes straight to King Robert.

11. What does Daenerys do for Drogo when she finds he has been injured in battle?
(a) She drags Drogo to safety.
(b) She dresses Drogo's wound herself.
(c) She insists their men take him home.
(d) She allows a healer to help him.

12. What is the result of the trial by combat chosen by Tyrion to face his charges?
(a) He is sentenced to perform hard labor.
(b) He is set free.
(c) He remains captive in solitary confinement.
(d) He is sentenced to die.

13. What is the result of Robb's battle with Jaime Lannister's army at Riverrun?
(a) Jaime and Robb withdraw their armies after sustaining heavy losses.
(b) Robb is taken captive.
(c) Jaime is taken captive.
(d) Both Jaime and Robb are killed.

14. Because Robert knows he is dying, whom does he make Protector of the Realm?
(a) Eddard.
(b) Joffrey.
(c) Jaime.
(d) Lord Stannis.

15. What does Maester Aemon tell Jon he must do regarding his desire to leave the Night Watch?
(a) Choose between vows of duty and loyalty to his family.
(b) Leave the Night Watch immediately.
(c) Remain with the Night Watch.
(d) Confide in the Maester Prophet, who will tell Jon what to do.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jon think killed the two men found Beyond-the-Wall?

2. Why does Drogo believe a battle against the Seven Kingdoms will be difficult and long?

3. When Daenerys goes into labor, what do her handmaidens do?

4. When Daenerys wakes from a fever, what does she learn about her baby?

5. What happens to Sansa when she refuses to sit in court with Joffrey?

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