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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Benjen say about the Night Watch at dinner the night of Robert's arrival?
(a) It is looking for men with noble parentage.
(b) It disbanded.
(c) It needs strong young men.
(d) It is planning an attack.

2. What wedding gift does Daenerys receive from her husband Drogo?
(a) Three precious stones.
(b) Three dragon eggs.
(c) A beautiful white mare.
(d) A sword.

3. While they are at the inn at the Crossroads, when does Tyrion see that Catelyn is also there?
(a) When Tyrion arrives at the inn and sees Catelyn's horses and carriage in the stable.
(b) When a musician dedicates a performance to Tyrion.
(c) When Catelyn offers to buy Tyrion dinner.
(d) When the owner of the inn makes a toast to Catelyn.

4. Who does Littlefinger blame for the debt owed by the kingdom to the Lannisters?
(a) Jaime Lannister.
(b) Jon Arryn.
(c) Robert.
(d) Eddard.

5. What is the position of Jon in Lord Eddard Stark's family?
(a) Jon is Lord Stark's illegitimate son.
(b) Lord Eddard Stark adopted Jon after finding him wandering in the godswood as a toddler.
(c) Jon is the heir to Lord Eddard Stark's kingdom.
(d) Jon is Lord Eddard Stark's stepson.

6. Why does Maester Luwin try to persuade Lady Catelyn to leave Bran's bedside?
(a) She needs to eat.
(b) She needs to attend to business left undone when Eddard left.
(c) She needs to rest.
(d) She needs to attend to another sick child.

7. What does Arya do when her work is criticized after she embarrasses her sister in front of Princess Myrcella?
(a) Tearfully continues her work.
(b) Asks politely to be excused.
(c) Leaves the room in anger.
(d) Laughs, although she is deeply hurt.

8. What was the former occupation of Ser Royce, leader of the Night Watch?
(a) A disgraced knight.
(b) A beggar.
(c) A thief.
(d) A corrupt member of the ruling dynasty.

9. What is Lord Eddard Stark doing when his wife finds him in the godswood on the night he rescued the direwolf pups?
(a) Wrestling with the direwolf pups.
(b) Thinking about the day's events.
(c) Holding a war council.
(d) Attending to various civil matters of the kingdom.

10. Who accompanies Lady Catelyn to King's Landing?
(a) Ser Loras Tyrell.
(b) Lord Eddard.
(c) Tyrion.
(d) Ser Rodrik.

11. Where has Lord Stannis been since Jon Arryn died?
(a) King's Landing.
(b) Godswood.
(c) Dragonstone.
(d) The Wall.

12. To whom does Eddard compare Arya?
(a) Arya's mother.
(b) Arya's sister, Sansa.
(c) Eddard's mother.
(d) Eddard's sister, Lyanna.

13. Who is Lyanna?
(a) Jon Arryn's wife.
(b) Robert Baratheon's wife.
(c) Lady Catelyn's sister.
(d) Lord Eddard's sister.

14. Why does Robert decide not to participate in the tourney?
(a) His opponent says he will not fight Robert.
(b) His squires talk him out of it.
(c) Queen Cersei says she will leave him if he fights.
(d) Robert sees that his armor is inferior.

15. While Bran is dreaming he is falling, what does the crow tell him to do?
(a) Run.
(b) Fly.
(c) Fall.
(d) Rest.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Lord Eddard want the job as the King's Hand?

2. When Tyrion announces at breakfast the morning after Bran fell from the window that Bran will probably survive, how do Jaime and Cersei react?

3. What does Eddard notice about the joust between Ser Gregor and Ser Gregor's brother, the Hound?

4. What happens to Bran's assassin as he tries to kill Bran?

5. What is the Night Watch?

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