A Game of Thrones Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What rules must the members of the Night Watch follow?

The members of the Night Watch must wear black and cannot marry or father any sons.

2. What causes the internal difficulties faced by the Night Watch?

The problems exist because the Night Watch is made up of mostly criminals who have trouble getting along with each other and keeping each other safe. Their leader treats them poorly.

3. Describe the chain of events that occur after Ser Royce gives his order to Will when they arrive at the raiders' camp.

After Ser Royce orders Will to climb the tree, Will notices it has gotten colder. While in the tree, he sees men whose bodies are covered in frost and whose hands are black, crowded around Ser Royce. When Ser Royce tries to fight the men, they kill him. Will climbs down to see if Ser Royce is alive but can't find his body. When he looks for Ser Royce's body, Ser Royce attacks and kills Will.

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