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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 55, Catelyn, Chapter 56, Tyrion, Chapter 57, Sansa.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of the trial by combat chosen by Tyrion to face his charges?
(a) He is set free.
(b) He is sentenced to die.
(c) He remains captive in solitary confinement.
(d) He is sentenced to perform hard labor.

2. When Tyrion announces at breakfast the morning after Bran fell from the window that Bran will probably survive, how do Jaime and Cersei react?
(a) Cersei and Jaime exchange a meaningful glance.
(b) Cersei bumps Jaime's leg under the table.
(c) Cersei and Jaime change the subject.
(d) Cersei and Jaime excuse themselves.

3. Why is the king's hatred of the Targaryens so strong?
(a) The Targaryens are polluting their land.
(b) The Targaryens' despicable treatment of Lyanna.
(c) The king is tired of the centuries-old feud.
(d) The Targaryens killed both his parents.

4. What does Joffrey do at his first court session?
(a) Dismisses men loyal to Robert and Eddard.
(b) Banishes Cersei from the kingdom.
(c) Sentences Eddard to death.
(d) Appoints Sansa to a position of power.

5. Whose army do Tyrion and the outlaws who attacked him join after they come out of the mountains?
(a) Robb Stark's army.
(b) Joffrey's army.
(c) Ser Gregor's army.
(d) Tyrion's father's army.

Short Answer Questions

1. When do the Others show themselves?

2. How is Lord Eddard Stark related to Robert Baratheon?

3. What happens to Jon as he trains and serves with the Night Watch?

4. What wedding gift does Daenerys receive from her husband Drogo?

5. What happens to Mycah, the butcher's son, after the incident with Arya and Joffrey?

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