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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27, Eddard, Chapter 28, Catelyn, and Chapter 29, Sansa.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Will follows Ser Royce's order, what is odd about what he sees?
(a) The men gathered around Ser Royce are covered with frost and have black hands.
(b) The bodies of those washed away by the floodwaters are not wet.
(c) The beggars and thieves waiting to ambush Ser Royce have no weapons.
(d) Those remaining at the camp were not killed when it was destroyed.

2. Who does Littlefinger blame for the debt owed by the kingdom to the Lannisters?
(a) Jaime Lannister.
(b) Robert.
(c) Jon Arryn.
(d) Eddard.

3. What is the Night Watch?
(a) An organization of high-ranking soldiers.
(b) A group of corpses who kill mindlessly.
(c) An organization of disgraced men.
(d) A group of direwolves.

4. When Jon visits the injured Bran, what does Lady Catelyn tell Jon to do?
(a) Pray.
(b) Sit with Bran while she takes a nap.
(c) Leave.
(d) Help her find out how Bran's injury happened.

5. How is Joffrey's behavior toward Sansa?
(a) He ignores Sansa.
(b) Mean and spiteful.
(c) Kind and loving.
(d) Unpredictable.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Bran is dreaming he is falling, what does the crow tell him to do?

2. What does Ser Royce order Will to do at the scene where Will made his observation?

3. What is the function of the Wall?

4. To whom does Eddard compare Arya?

5. What happens to Joffrey while he and Sansa spend their afternoon together?

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