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• The Night Watch is an organization of disgraced knights, beggars, and thieves, whose only responsibility is to guard the Wall.

• The Wall was built to protect against The Others, who appear in the winter.

• The members of the Night Watch only wear black, cannot marry, or father any sons.

• While three members of the Night Watch are outside of the Wall chasing raiders, Will, the scout, sees that all the people are dead in the raiders' camp.

• When he reports his observation to Ser Royce, the leader of the Night Watch, Ser Royce wants to see the scene for himself.

• At the camp, they find that the bodies are gone but their weapons remain in the same spots.

• Ser Royce orders Will to climb a tree.

• When Will climbs the tree, he notices it got colder, and he sees men covered in frost with black hands crowded...

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