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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the narrator, how do people comfort those who are sick?
(a) With a ceremonial dance.
(b) With a hot cup of chicken noddle soup.
(c) With soothing tones and voice.
(d) With prayer and worship.

2. Who fathers all the Kanka-bono girl's children?
(a) The Captain.
(b) Kamikaze.
(c) Leon Trout.
(d) James Wait.

3. What is the theory behind people with more of a streamlined skull?
(a) The more successful the fisher person.
(b) The more successful the business person.
(c) The more successful the farming person.
(d) The more successful the cooking person.

4. What is the international word for a ship in distress?
(a) Ajutor.
(b) Inferno.
(c) Mayday.
(d) Yardım.

5. What can the narrator see that Mary Hepburn can not in Book 2: Chapter 7?
(a) The blue tunnel into the Afterlife.
(b) A tidal wave.
(c) The albatrosses.
(d) Land.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the only non-Kanka-bono who can converse with the Kanka-bonos?

2. Who steers the Bahia during the day in Book 2: Chapter 4?

3. The balance between the colonists and their food supply is based on ________.

4. What food source is a cure for people with vitamin and mineral deficiencies?

5. What heirloom does Mary promise to leave Akiko when she dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Siegfried von Kleist successful at committing suicide in Chapter 38? Explain.

2. Who does Kamikaze catch by the spring and is about to copulate with?

3. Why does James Wait tell Mary Hepburn to call him by his first name? By what name does Mary call James?

4. In the Captain's story he shares with Akiko, how are lobsters much like humans?

5. When does Mary Hepburn begin her artificial insemination program? How old is she at the time?

6. After 10 years on the Island, how does the Captain change?

7. According to the narrator, why do people get hiccups?

8. Why does Mary Hepburn like James Wait immediately?

9. In the beginning of Chapter 13, what is Selena and Hisako seeking and finding?

10. According to the narrator, are there anymore left handed people in the world? Explain.

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