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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which group survives in the greatest numbers in the watery environment of the Galapagos Archipelago?
(a) Fisher-folk.
(b) Business-folk.
(c) Farmer-folk.
(d) Manufacture -folk.

2. As far as humanity is concerned, the Bahia is the new __________.
(a) Sir Lancelot.
(b) Ariel.
(c) Titanic.
(d) Noah's Ark.

3. What would have happened to Leon Trout if the Marine Corps found out about Leon's disease?
(a) They would lock him up in an asylum.
(b) They would give him a dishonorable discharge.
(c) They would dock his pay.
(d) They would kill him.

4. After the Bahia is raided, what is the Captain still in possession of?
(a) His sense of direction.
(b) The rats inside the Bahia.
(c) His sense of humor.
(d) The Maine lobster.

5. Why is James Wait laid on the sun deck of the Bahia in Book 2: Chapter 1?
(a) He is to heavy to carry to bed.
(b) He is wet and needs to dry off.
(c) The rest of the ship is dark.
(d) He is too pale and needs a tan.

6. Who is Kamikaze?
(a) Mary Hepburn's son.
(b) Andrew MacIntosh's son.
(c) The Captain's son.
(d) Selena's seeing-eye dog.

7. What did the narrator do in his sleep when he was alive?
(a) Wet the bed.
(b) Sleep talk.
(c) Sleep eat.
(d) Sleep walk.

8. Who is the only non-Kanka-bono who can converse with the Kanka-bonos?
(a) Robert Wojciehowitz.
(b) Mary Hepburn.
(c) Akiko.
(d) Kamikaze.

9. Who has become deaf after the explosion in Chapter 36?
(a) James Wait.
(b) Mandarax.
(c) Siegfried von Kleist.
(d) Adolf von Kleist.

10. How does Mary Hepburn introduce herself to James Wait?
(a) As a principal and a divorcee.
(b) As a college professor and a widow.
(c) As a marine biologist and a divorcee.
(d) As an ex-teacher and a widow.

11. What instrument does the Captain of the Bahia use to call for help?
(a) Cell phone.
(b) Mandarax.
(c) Gokubi.
(d) An infrared spatial communication system.

12. Who is drunk and has the hick-ups in Chapter 37?
(a) Adolf von Kleist.
(b) Leon Trout.
(c) Mary Hepburn.
(d) Mandarax.

13. Who could be seen as a virtuous knight as in days of yore in Chapter 38?
(a) Adolf von Kleist.
(b) Mandarax.
(c) Major Ricardo Cortez.
(d) Charles Darwin.

14. Who said: "Progress has been much more general than retrogression."
(a) Henry Adams.
(b) Beethoven.
(c) Charles Darwin.
(d) Aristotle.

15. What does James Wait say he thought people were put on earth to do?
(a) To gain knowledge.
(b) To help each other.
(c) To work until they die.
(d) To find cures to diseases.

Short Answer Questions

1. On May 9, 2016, who tells Mary Hepburn to go and make peace with the Captain?

2. What is the language of the majority on Santa Rosalia?

3. Who steers the Bahia during the night in Book 2: Chapter 4?

4. Who does the surviving group on board the Bahia expect the most trouble to come from in Chapter 37?

5. Whose wife did James Wait have sexual relations with when he was still in Midland City, Ohio?

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