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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Guillermo Reyes's rocket compared to in Chapter 34?
(a) The dancing blue-footed booby.
(b) The flightless penguin.
(c) The colorful chameleon.
(d) The great land torotise.

2. The balance between the colonists and their food supply is based on ________.
(a) Desire.
(b) Intelligence.
(c) Trust.
(d) Luck.

3. When does Selena find out that her father has passed away on the Bahia?
(a) After she passes away.
(b) While she is on the Galapagos Islands.
(c) While she is on Santa Rosalia.
(d) Immediately after he dies.

4. According to the narrator, how do people comfort those who are sick?
(a) With a hot cup of chicken noddle soup.
(b) With a ceremonial dance.
(c) With soothing tones and voice.
(d) With prayer and worship.

5. Kamikaze copulates with all the following except, __________.
(a) Fur seals.
(b) Mandarax.
(c) Sea lions.
(d) His aunt Dirno.

6. What does James Wait say he thought people were put on earth to do?
(a) To work until they die.
(b) To gain knowledge.
(c) To help each other.
(d) To find cures to diseases.

7. Who is Orlon?
(a) Dirno's four year old son.
(b) Akiko's four year old son.
(c) Mary's four year old son.
(d) Sinka's four year old son.

8. Who fathers all the Kanka-bono girl's children?
(a) The Captain.
(b) Leon Trout.
(c) James Wait.
(d) Kamikaze.

9. Why is James Wait laid on the sun deck of the Bahia in Book 2: Chapter 1?
(a) The rest of the ship is dark.
(b) He is too pale and needs a tan.
(c) He is wet and needs to dry off.
(d) He is to heavy to carry to bed.

10. Who speaks to Leon above the stern of the Bahia?
(a) Charles Darwin.
(b) His Father.
(c) Samuel Johnston.
(d) Mary Hepburn.

11. Who said: "Progress has been much more general than retrogression."
(a) Beethoven.
(b) Charles Darwin.
(c) Aristotle.
(d) Henry Adams.

12. When the Bahia sinks, who has the only beard on the island?
(a) Andrew MacIntosh.
(b) Siegfried von Kleist.
(c) Willard Flemming.
(d) Adolf von Kleist.

13. Who will become the six Eves to Captain von Kleist's Adam on Santa Rosalia?
(a) The Cheechako girls.
(b) The Kanaka Maoli girls.
(c) The Kama'aina girls.
(d) The Kanka-bonos girls.

14. What was James Wait's father and mother's other relation?
(a) Son and mother.
(b) Father and daughter.
(c) Brother and sister.
(d) Cousins.

15. Why was James Wait ashamed to take off his shirt?
(a) He had scars all over his body.
(b) He had freckles all over his body.
(c) He had moles all over his body.
(d) He had acne all over his body.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the narrator do in his sleep when he was alive?

2. How many times has the narrator been married?

3. What would have happened to Leon Trout if the Marine Corps found out about Leon's disease?

4. What heirloom does Mary promise to leave Akiko when she dies?

5. Which of the following author's are not quoted in Chapter 35?

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