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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the latest advance in the evolution of high explosives?
(a) Glacco.
(b) Dagonite.
(c) Acme Dynamite.
(d) TNT.

2. Who finds himself posing as a protector of children?
(a) James Wait.
(b) Siefried von Kleist.
(c) Mandarax.
(d) Leon Trout.

3. What does Princess Charlotte design after the death of her husband, Prince Richard?
(a) Neckties.
(b) Baby clothes.
(c) Wedding gowns.
(d) Bathing suits.

4. What was James Wait's father and mother's other relation?
(a) Son and mother.
(b) Cousins.
(c) Father and daughter.
(d) Brother and sister.

5. Who does the surviving group on board the Bahia expect the most trouble to come from in Chapter 37?
(a) Kazakh.
(b) Madarax.
(c) Leon Trout.
(d) James Wait.

6. Whom do the Kanka-bono girls eat?
(a) Kazakh.
(b) Mandarax.
(c) Kamikaze.
(d) Akiko.

7. Which of the following author's are not quoted in Chapter 35?
(a) Plato.
(b) Robert Browning.
(c) William Shakespeare.
(d) Jean De La Fontaine.

8. What is Ziggie?
(a) Mandarax's nickname.
(b) Roy Hepburn's nickname.
(c) James Wait's nickname.
(d) Siegfried's nickname.

9. The balance between the colonists and their food supply is based on ________.
(a) Trust.
(b) Desire.
(c) Intelligence.
(d) Luck.

10. What island does Mary and the Captain land the Bahia?
(a) Victoria Island.
(b) Kangaroo Island.
(c) Santa Rosalia.
(d) Melville Island.

11. What animal is Mary Hepburn hallucinating to be while suffocating herself?
(a) A blue-footed booby.
(b) A land tortoise.
(c) A snake.
(d) A chameleon.

12. What instrument does the Captain of the Bahia use to call for help?
(a) Cell phone.
(b) An infrared spatial communication system.
(c) Gokubi.
(d) Mandarax.

13. Where is the Bahia headed in Book 2: Chapter 2?
(a) Fiji.
(b) New York.
(c) Baltra.
(d) Australia.

14. Why was James Wait ashamed to take off his shirt?
(a) He had scars all over his body.
(b) He had acne all over his body.
(c) He had freckles all over his body.
(d) He had moles all over his body.

15. What heirloom does Mary promise to leave Akiko when she dies?
(a) Orlon.
(b) Her notebook.
(c) Mandarax.
(d) Her wedding ring.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the first 13 years on Santa Rosalia, who is the only fertile women?

2. How does Mary Hepburn introduce herself to James Wait?

3. After the Bahia is raided, what is the Captain still in possession of?

4. What would have happened to Leon Trout if the Marine Corps found out about Leon's disease?

5. Whose wife did James Wait have sexual relations with when he was still in Midland City, Ohio?

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