Objects & Places from Galapagos

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Hotel El Dorado

This place is looted by starving rioters.

Bahía de Darwin

This object is a modern technological marvel built as a cruise ship.

The Nature Cruise of the Century

This event is the result of a public relations campaign.

Galapagos Islands

This location is an isolated archipelago off the west coast of South America, made famous by Charles Darwin.

Humans a Million Years in the Future

This time period is when human beings have lost their superior intellect and agile hands in favor of qualities more suited to survival.

Price Tags

James Wait leaves these on his shirts as a way for strangers to approach him.

Blue-Footed Boobies

These animals perform an unusual mating ritual.


This is the name of Selena's seeing-eye dog.


This is the name of the Hepburn's dog.

Santa Rosalia

This location is the most isolated, northernmost of the Islands...

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