Objects & Places from Galapagos

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Hotel El Dorado - This place is looted by starving rioters.

Bahía de Darwin - This object is a modern technological marvel built as a cruise ship.

The Nature Cruise of the Century - This event is the result of a public relations campaign.

Galapagos Islands - This location is an isolated archipelago off the west coast of South America, made famous by Charles Darwin.

Humans a Million Years in the Future - This time period is when human beings have lost their superior intellect and agile hands in favor of qualities more suited to survival.

Price Tags - James Wait leaves these on his shirts as a way for strangers to approach him.

Blue-Footed Boobies - These animals perform an unusual mating ritual.

Kazakh - This is the name of Selena's seeing-eye dog.

Donald - This is the name of the Hepburn's dog.

Santa Rosalia...

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