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Dava Sobel
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Galileo would be allowed to go home if he agreed to do what to the Dialogue?

2. Galileo revisited the possibility of publishing which book despite Pope Urban's objection?

3. At this time Galileo was living in which town or city?

4. The nuns at the convent rejoiced with the news of Galileo's impending return. Which of the nuns ran to Maria Celeste crying with joy?

5. Galileo's trial and exile left him feeling like which of the following?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name one of the biggest and harshest stipulations set upon Galileo's return to Arcetri.

2. After the trial, Galileo was released into the custody of a high ranking church official. Who was the official and where did Galileo go with that official?

3. Detail at least one of Galileo's bouts with depression. How did Maria Celeste try to combat the depression?

4. Describe the reaction of the people upon Galileo's return to Arcetri.

5. Describe at least one of the things Galileo did to pass the time while staying in Siena.

6. What is one of the major errors regarding the story of Galileo's trial? What do you think may have caused the mistake?

7. While Maria Celeste seemed to tell Galileo everything, she overlooked one important piece of news. What was the news?

8. What was Galileo's hope regarding the outcome of the trial. Did Galileo's wish come true?

9. Discuss the illness contracted by Maria Celeste in March 1634. How was the illness contracted?

10. Instead of informing Maria Celeste of all the happenings in Rome, Galileo spent his time doing other things. List at least one of the other things that occupied Galileo's time.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Galileo was a well educated man. Galileo served in many capacities in the communities in which he lived, including holding at least two professorships in Padua and Pisa. Discuss Galileo's influence and legacy placed upon each university. How did Galileo's legacy affect VIncenzio's studies at the university?

Essay Topic 2

Describe in detail the court proceedings against Galileo. Who pressed the charges? What were the charges? Was Galileo guilty? What was the punishment served on Galileo? What was the length of the sentence? What was the overall opinion of the church, the academic community, and Galileo's family? Did the punishment fit the crime?

Essay Topic 3

Livia and Virginia remained illegitimate, even though Galileo claimed the daughters as his own. Vincenzio, on the other hand, was legitimized by the Church. Why? Explain why Vincenzio was treated differently. What did it mean to be "legitimized?" How did it affect Vincenzio's career? How did the act change Galileo's career?

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