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Dava Sobel
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Short Answer Questions

1. In which year did Galileo mail off the last pieces of the manuscript to his solicitor?

2. How was Cardinal Barberini related to Pope Urban?

3. In what month did Niccolini petition the Pope once more?

4. In what year did Maria Celeste die?

5. What word is used by Niccolini that means the same thing as "interfered?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Who issued the actual conviction in Galileo's case? What was the opinion of the Pope in this case?

2. In Part Four, Galileo had to return to Rome to be tried for his crimes against the Church. Explain who was on Galileo's side to support him.

3. While the Catholics had their opinions on why Galileo was tried, the anti-Catholics also had an opinion. What was the opinion of the anti-Catholics?

4. While Maria Celeste seemed to tell Galileo everything, she overlooked one important piece of news. What was the news?

5. Galileo began to work on a book involving the theories of motion. Discuss the concept for the book and its relationship to Aristotle's earlier teachings.

6. What was the reason Pope Urban finally permitted Galileo to return to Arcetri?

7. After the trial, Galileo was released into the custody of a high ranking church official. Who was the official and where did Galileo go with that official?

8. How did Maria Celeste's death take its toll on Galileo?

9. Once again the weather wreaked havoc on Galileo and Maria Celeste. Explain how each was affected by the autumn rains.

10. Describe the reaction of the people upon Galileo's return to Arcetri.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Livia and Virginia remained illegitimate, even though Galileo claimed the daughters as his own. Vincenzio, on the other hand, was legitimized by the Church. Why? Explain why Vincenzio was treated differently. What did it mean to be "legitimized?" How did it affect Vincenzio's career? How did the act change Galileo's career?

Essay Topic 2

Galileo was a well educated man. Galileo served in many capacities in the communities in which he lived, including holding at least two professorships in Padua and Pisa. Discuss Galileo's influence and legacy placed upon each university. How did Galileo's legacy affect VIncenzio's studies at the university?

Essay Topic 3

Galileo is best known for his work with the telescope. Create a diagram of the first telescope and outline how it worked. Was the concept entirely new or was it a refinement of an earlier work? Who was most impressed by the telescope? What did the discovery do for Galileo's career? Draw a second diagram of a modern telescope and note improvements over Galileo's model.

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