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Dava Sobel
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the occupation of Galileo's Venetian friend?

2. Which Pope approved of Galileo's conviction?

3. What word is used by Niccolini that means the same thing as "interfered?"

4. In which country was the book eventually printed?

5. What was the occupation of Fra Micanzio?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the reason Pope Urban finally permitted Galileo to return to Arcetri?

2. Name one of the biggest and harshest stipulations set upon Galileo's return to Arcetri.

3. Who was not present at the interview? Why?

4. Galileo began to work on a book involving the theories of motion. Discuss the concept for the book and its relationship to Aristotle's earlier teachings.

5. What was the focus of Galileo's work in his last eight years? What problem continued to hang over Galileo's head, most certainly affecting his work and his health?

6. What steps might have been taken by Pope Urban on behalf of Galileo? Why do you think Pope Urban chose not to take that step?

7. In Part Four, Galileo had to return to Rome to be tried for his crimes against the Church. Explain who was on Galileo's side to support him.

8. What was Maria Celeste's reaction to the interview at the Holy Office of the Inquisition?

9. What was the outcome of the efforts made by Galileo and others?

10. By this time Galileo had become blind in one eye and was plagued with poor vision in the other. How did Galileo manage to work with this affliction?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe in detail the life of the nuns at San Matteo. How does the convent compare with today's convents? Is the order still in existence? If so, where? What influence did Maria Celeste have on the convent? Compare and contrast the views and experiences of the sisters.

Essay Topic 2

Write a detailed biography on the Medici family. Why was the family so powerful? What was Galileo's relationship with the Medicis? Did the relationship help or hinder Galileo's career and issues with the Pope? Also explain the effect of the Medicis in Padua and the surrounding region.

Essay Topic 3

At a young age, Galileo showed amazing aptitude for math. What about math interested Galileo? What prompted Galileo to switch from math to astronomy? Was it a wise move? What were the opinions of those around Galileo regarding the change? What do you think might have happened if Galileo would have pursued a care in mathematics? How did the knowledge benefit Galileo in other ways?

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