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Short Answer Questions

1. What author has Galileo begun to read again? (Revealed by Galileo to the "Little Monk" during their conversation in Scene VII.)

2. While speaking with the "Little Monk" about his family's life, what animal does Galileo talk about ?

3. What does the new Pope, at the opening of Scene VIII, want Galileo to study?

4. How old is Virginia in Scene XII?

5. Why does Andrea say that Galileo could not have stayed in the Republic?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ludovico call off the wedding to Virginia?

2. In the opening of Scene VII, why does the "Little Monk" admit to Galileo that he has not been able to sleep?

3. Why does The Grand Duke ask Galileo about his eyesight?

4. What problems does Virginia find with Galileo traveling to Padua and taking time off?

5. What does Andrea say the inquisition was doing to the "truth"?

6. What does Galileo say regarding his public recanting of his teachings?

7. Why does Vanni tell Galileo that he is on his side regarding Galileo's teachings?

8. What was Galileo speaking about to the "Little Monk" when he spoke of his feelings for beauty and truth?

9. What do the experiment with the iron needle and water prove?

10. What did the astronomer at the University tell Virginia about her horoscope?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Galileo's attempt to explain that the Earth was not the center of the universe to Andrea. What did he say to Andrea? How did Galileo illustrate the fact? What was Andrea's response?

Essay Topic 2

The invention of the telescope creates social unrest given the new discoveries that Galileo comes upon from peering through it. Therefore, based upon the discovery of the telescope, society experiences unrest because of the questions that the new discoveries create in regard to currently socially accepted beliefs, i.e. the Earth is the center of the universe. Based upon this fact, discuss two textually specific examples where scientific discoveries created social unrest. What was the discovery? Why did society react as it did? What was the reaction of Galileo to the unrest? What was the outcome of the unrest?

Essay Topic 3

Galileo, even against the majority of society, honestly believed in his teachings. Find three examples about why Galileo believed that his teachings were correct and should be accepted by the Church and discuss their importance.

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