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Short Answer Questions

1. What bell rings as Virginia entered her father's room? (Scene III)

2. What does Galileo use to represent the Earth when explaining the rotation of the Earth to Andrea?

3. Where did Ludovico Marsili's letter say he has studied?

4. While at the ball, what chapter of the Bible do both Cardinal Bellarmin and Cardinal Barberini quote?

5. How old is Galileo when he was arguing with the Curator about salary?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Andrea questions Galileo about the Ptolemaic system model, what is Galileo's answer?

2. Describe why the Ptolemaic system model is accepted by the majority of society as the truth for how the solar system exists.

3. What does Galileo say fueled his desire to discover new philosophies?

4. Why does Galileo refuse to let Virginia look through the telescope?

5. Why is Sagredo afraid for Galileo concerning Galileo's move to Florence?

6. Why does Sagredo tell Galileo that he (Galileo) is contradicting all astronomical science from the last two thousand years?

7. How does Galileo explain the illumination of the moon and earth to Sagredo?

8. What does Virginia find out about her father's fame on the day of the party at Cardinal Bellarmin's?

9. Why did Galileo, as pointed out by Sagredo, teach the Ptolemaic model over the Copernican model given his belief in the Copernican model of the universe?

10. Why does the Inquisitor tell Virginia that Galileo's new picture of the universe was harmful?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Galileo was surrounded by students throughout most of the play. Choose the student that you found to be the most loyal and least loyal to Galileo. Compare two characters. Use textual evidence to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Many times, Galileo implied that a woman's place was not in the scientific world. Find at least two examples and discuss how these thoughts contradicted Galileo's teachings using textual evidence from the play.

Essay Topic 3

During the party at Cardinal Bellarmin's home, both of the attending Cardinals wore masks. Discuss the relevance of the masks for each Cardinal. What did the mask look like? What could the mask represent? What could be misconstrued by the mask?

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