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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Signor Giordano Bruno "because he was not a Venetian and also had no appointment here"?
(a) He was banished from the city.
(b) He was burned at the stake.
(c) He was hung.
(d) He was imprisoned.

2. What year is it in the opening of the play?
(a) 1710.
(b) 1409.
(c) 1510.
(d) 1609.

3. How old is Andrea in Scene I?
(a) 10 years old.
(b) 12 years old.
(c) 8 years old.
(d) 14 years old.

4. How much is the private tuition that Galileo initially was going to charge Ludovico?
(a) Fifty scudi a month.
(b) Five scudi a month.
(c) Ten scudi a month.
(d) Fifteen scudi a month.

5. What does the stone at the center of the Ptolemaic system model represent?
(a) Neptune.
(b) Earth.
(c) The moon.
(d) The sun.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Virginia say she will be married?

2. Why does Andrea leave the room when Galileo was asking the men from the courts to look through the telescope?

3. According to Galileo, what "grows feeble from being abused"?

4. While at the ball, what chapter of the Bible do both Cardinal Bellarmin and Cardinal Barberini quote?

5. How many years did Sarti work for Monsignor Filippo before working for Galileo?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Galileo believe that naming the new stars by the name Medici would allow him some leeway on his studies?

2. What does Galileo say fueled his desire to discover new philosophies?

3. Why is Sagredo afraid for Galileo concerning Galileo's move to Florence?

4. Why does Galileo refuse to let Virginia look through the telescope?

5. Why does the Inquisitor find it funny that Virginia knew nothing of her father's studies?

6. Why does the Inquisitor have the conversation between Galileo and Cardinal Bellarmin transcribed?

7. What does the Clerk mean when he tells Galileo "We can only afford moves like this"?

8. What lie does Galileo tell the Senators about the telescope to secure his raise at the University?

9. What is the relevance of the song at Cardinal Bellarmin's party?

10. Describe the Ptolemaic system model that Galileo shows to Andrea.

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