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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the bell rang, who reads Galileo's recant on the street?
(a) Federzoni
(b) The crier.
(c) The Pope.
(d) Andrea.

2. Who does the Inquisitor say is an expert on instruments?
(a) Cardinal Barberini.
(b) Signor Vanni.
(c) Signor Galilei.
(d) Rector Gaffone.

3. Where did Scene X open?
(a) The Florentine Court.
(b) An apartment in the Vatican.
(c) Andrea's home.
(d) The court of the Holy Inquisition.

4. What kind of clock is Galileo presented with as a gift from Cardinal Bellarmin?
(a) Atmos clock.
(b) Parliament clock.
(c) Cellini clock.
(d) Lantern clock.

5. Why does Andrea say that Galileo could not have stayed in the Republic?
(a) Because he could not write his book there.
(b) Because he could not publish his book there.
(c) Because he could not study the ocean there.
(d) Because he could not study the stars there.

6. At the end of Scene Seven, the "Little Monk" told Galileo that he cannot understand what?
(a) A sentence.
(b) A word.
(c) A drawing.
(d) A model.

7. What does the Pope tell the Inquisitor that Galileo could not say "no" to?
(a) "To an old friend and a new friend."
(b) "To an old friend or a new invention."
(c) "To an old wine or a new idea."
(d) "To an old idea and a new vision."

8. To where does the "High Official" tell Galileo that he has to go to face the Holy Inquisition?
(a) Volpi.
(b) Florence.
(c) Rome.
(d) Paris.

9. Where does Galileo hide a copy of his Discorsi?
(a) The globe.
(b) Behind his star charts.
(c) In his bed.
(d) A false bottom in his desk.

10. Why does Sarti tell Virginia to go to the University to see an astronomer?
(a) To prove her father's teachings true.
(b) To seek a better husband.
(c) To prove her father's teachings false.
(d) To cast her horoscope.

11. At the end of Scene X, what has the Pope finished doing?
(a) Eating.
(b) Signing the inquisition.
(c) Reading Galileo's manuscript.
(d) Getting dressed.

12. What astrological sign does Virgina align with?
(a) Scorpio.
(b) Virgo.
(c) Capricorn.
(d) The Twins.

13. What are the dates that Scene XII took place?
(a) 1633-1642.
(b) 1643-1652.
(c) 1629-1643.
(d) 1616-1633.

14. According to the person from the Grand Duke's Palace, what bell will ring when Galileo recants his teachings?
(a) The great bell of St. Mark's.
(b) The great bell of St. Mercy.
(c) The great bell of St. Michael.
(d) The great bell of St. John.

15. Where does Scene VIII open?
(a) Galileo's house in Rome.
(b) The new Pope's chambers.
(c) Galileo's house in Florence.
(d) The Vatican.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where had the "Little Monk" grown up?

2. Why does Vanni say Galileo would be better off in Venice?

3. What does Federzoni think has begun, "the hour of its birth," when the bell does not ring at the time the inquisitors thought it would?

4. What does the Pope tell the Inquisitor that he will not have destroyed?

5. While speaking with the "Little Monk" about his family's life, what animal does Galileo talk about ?

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