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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose palace is the beginning of Scene IX set at?
(a) Andrea's.
(b) Bellarmin's.
(c) Ludovico's.
(d) Medici's.

2. Who does Galileo say are his "favorite readings"?
(a) The Bible and Homer.
(b) The Bible and Socrates.
(c) Socrates and Homer.
(d) Aristotle and Plato.

3. While waiting for Galileo's inquisition to finish, what does Andrea say he fears would never be completed?
(a) The Oceanic Maps.
(b) The Star Charts.
(c) The Discorsi.
(d) The Galileo Model.

4. What happens to Virginia at the end of Scene VIII?
(a) She hit her father.
(b) She faints.
(c) She ran after Ludovico.
(d) She fell down the stairs.

5. What does the "Little Monk" tell Andrea about that Galileo always carries in his pocket?
(a) His touchstone.
(b) A picture of Virginia.
(c) A drawing of his telescope.
(d) A lock of Virginia's hair.

6. What does the Pope tell the Inquisitor that he will not have destroyed?
(a) Mathematical cables.
(b) Galileo's writings.
(c) Copernicus' writings.
(d) Aristotle's writings.

7. To what day, did the opening of Scene XII, say that Galileo would be a prisoner of the Church?
(a) Until he died.
(b) For 100 years.
(c) For 50 years.
(d) For 30 years.

8. Where did Scene X open?
(a) The court of the Holy Inquisition.
(b) Andrea's home.
(c) An apartment in the Vatican.
(d) The Florentine Court.

9. What gift is sent to Galileo by "someone passing through"? (Scene XII)
(a) Two ducks.
(b) Two geese.
(c) Two rabbits.
(d) Two turkeys.

10. Who does Galileo tell Virginia that he was afraid of?
(a) Rector Gaffone.
(b) The Pope.
(c) The Inquisitor.
(d) Ludovico.

11. According to Galileo, what gives the "Little Monk" the right to say whatever he wishes?
(a) Hie rank.
(b) The Pope.
(c) His habit.
(d) The church.

12. What time do the people of the inquisition believe that Galileo would recant?
(a) 5:00.
(b) 12:00.
(c) 8:00.
(d) 2:00.

13. At the opening of Scene IX, who is Galileo and Virginia waiting to be admitted by?
(a) The Pope.
(b) Ludovico.
(c) Bellarmin.
(d) The Grand Duke.

14. Why does Galileo tell Andrea that they could not investigate sunspots?
(a) Because they were" not authorized by the Holy Court."
(b) Because they "could not waste their time."
(c) Because they were "working on floating bodies."
(d) Because they had "too much knowledge already."

15. While waiting to hear news of the inquisition, what are the "Little Monk" and Federzoni doing?
(a) Sinking iron needles in water.
(b) Watching ice float.
(c) Making models of the solar system.
(d) Playing chess.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the monk say that he has to have permission from before Galileo can see an eye doctor?

2. In Scene XI, how many days does the "Little Monk" say that Galileo had been sitting in prison?

3. According to the "Little Monk," how many nights passed since he had been able to sleep?

4. Why does Vanni say Galileo would be better off in Venice?

5. What does Galileo claim is ruining Virginia's complexion?

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