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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Galileo tell Sagredo that the light from the moon comes from?
(a) Earth.
(b) The sun.
(c) Stars.
(d) The moon.

2. What is the name of the Grand Duke of Tuscany?
(a) Sagamond.
(b) Signor Ragsord.
(c) Cosimo de' Medici.
(d) His Royal Highness of Tuscany.

3. What do Cosimo and Andrea break during their fighting on the floor?
(a) A star model.
(b) A chair.
(c) The Ptolemaic model.
(d) The telescope.

4. How many globes surround the center stone?
(a) 8 globes.
(b) 10 globes.
(c) 12 globes.
(d) 9 globes.

5. What does Galileo say he bought instead of paying the milkman?
(a) Charts.
(b) Books.
(c) Pamphlets.
(d) Records.

6. In what country does the Curator tell Galileo that telescopes were sold in markets?
(a) Holland.
(b) France.
(c) Italy.
(d) Germany.

7. Who does the Philosopher say is "Italy's and the Church's greatest astronomer"?
(a) Christopher Clavius.
(b) Santri.
(c) Micheal Montrassauri.
(d) Galileo.

8. In what city does Galileo teach mathematics in the opening of the play?
(a) Rome.
(b) Paris.
(c) Padua.
(d) Venice.

9. What does the First Scholar see that Galileo dropped?
(a) A map.
(b) A crystal.
(c) A coin.
(d) A stone.

10. Where does Scene V open?
(a) The marketplace in Florence.
(b) Galileo's home.
(c) Hall of the Collegium Romanum in Rome.
(d) Venice.

11. Who is Virginia's Father Confessor?
(a) Father Christophorus from Saint Ursula.
(b) Father Franz from Notre Dame.
(c) Father Michael from Saint Cornela.
(d) Father Steine from Saint Mercy.

12. What does the stone at the center of the Ptolemaic system model represent?
(a) The moon.
(b) Neptune.
(c) The sun.
(d) Earth.

13. When discussing Galileo's findings regarding the movement of stars, who did the Philosopher think Signer Federzoni was?
(a) Galileo's student.
(b) Galileo's lens-grinder.
(c) Galileo's son-in-law.
(d) Galileo's manservant.

14. What does Galileo ask the men to trust when looking through the telescope at the stars?
(a) Their eyes.
(b) Their hearts.
(c) Science.
(d) Their minds.

15. What does Galileo tell the Curator would "save millions of scudi in navigation"?
(a) The telescope.
(b) New ocean maps.
(c) New star charts.
(d) New ships.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the Scholar claim is drunk again-while play-acting with the Monk?

2. How many stars does Galileo find revolved around Jupiter?

3. What chess piece does Galileo say took to "moving all over the board"?

4. Who does the Chamberlain say is the name of the Astronomer-in-Chief at the Papal College in Rome?

5. What does Galileo tell Sagredo the spots on stars were?

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