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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Andrea in Scene I?
(a) 12 years old.
(b) 10 years old.
(c) 8 years old.
(d) 14 years old.

2. What epicyclical orbit does Galileo draw on the blackboard when describing his discovery to the Grand Duke of Tuscany?
(a) Neptune.
(b) Venus.
(c) Earth.
(d) The sun.

3. After finding out about Ludovico's interests, how much does Galileo say he is going to charge him for private tuition?
(a) Fifteen scudi a month.
(b) Ten scudi a month.
(c) Twenty scudi a month.
(d) Nothing.

4. What year is it in the opening of Scene V?
(a) 1616.
(b) 1610.
(c) 1620.
(d) 1605.

5. What is the name of the Grand Duke of Tuscany?
(a) His Royal Highness of Tuscany.
(b) Cosimo de' Medici.
(c) Sagamond.
(d) Signor Ragsord.

6. What year is it in the opening of the play?
(a) 1510.
(b) 1609.
(c) 1409.
(d) 1710.

7. At the ball, what mask does Cardinal Bellarmin wear? (Scene VI)
(a) That of a wolf.
(b) That of an eagle.
(c) That of a lamb.
(d) That of a clown.

8. What does the Curator say that Galileo had invented for the city, calling the invention "excellent"?
(a) A telescope.
(b) A drainage system.
(c) A water pump.
(d) A clock.

9. Who does the Philosopher say is "Italy's and the Church's greatest astronomer"?
(a) Christopher Clavius.
(b) Santri.
(c) Micheal Montrassauri.
(d) Galileo.

10. What does the "Very Old Cardinal" call Galileo because of Galileo's claims?
(a) An enemy of God.
(b) A thief of religion.
(c) An enemy of the human race.
(d) The world's most knowledgable scientist.

11. What does Galileo use to represent the sun when explaining the rotation of the Earth to Andrea?
(a) A chair.
(b) A table.
(c) A wash basin.
(d) A lamp.

12. What does the First Scholar see that Galileo dropped?
(a) A coin.
(b) A crystal.
(c) A stone.
(d) A map.

13. Which Dane determines the track of a comet?
(a) Cosimo Medici.
(b) Aristotle.
(c) Tycho Brahe.
(d) Socrates.

14. What do the Duke and his Court attend after leaving Galileo's home?
(a) An inquisition.
(b) The Court Ball.
(c) A knighting.
(d) A trial.

15. What is the date of the opening of Scene III?
(a) January 10, 1590.
(b) April1, 1611.
(c) January 10, 1610.
(d) April 17, 1615.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the monk play-acting? (in the opening of Scene V.)

2. Who does the Scholar claim is drunk again-while play-acting with the Monk?

3. Why does the Grand Duke of Tuscany come to Galileo's home?

4. Where did Ludovico Marsili's letter say he has studied?

5. In what country does the Curator tell Galileo that telescopes were sold in markets?

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