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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scenes V - VI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When discussing Galileo's findings regarding the movement of stars, who did the Philosopher think Signer Federzoni was?
(a) Galileo's son-in-law.
(b) Galileo's manservant.
(c) Galileo's lens-grinder.
(d) Galileo's student.

2. According to Galileo, who were the ones that were "no longer moved by reason"?
(a) "The dead."
(b) "The skeptics."
(c) "The disciples of religion."
(d) "The men who turned their backs on science."

3. What does the First Scholar see that Galileo dropped?
(a) A coin.
(b) A crystal.
(c) A map.
(d) A stone.

4. In the Ptolemaic system model, what does Galileo claim moved?
(a) Only the sun.
(b) Everything.
(c) Only the planets.
(d) Only the stars.

5. What does Galileo tell the Curator would "save millions of scudi in navigation"?
(a) New ocean maps.
(b) The telescope.
(c) New ships.
(d) New star charts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who enters the room after the "Very Old Cardinal" collapses?

2. What happens to Signor Giordano Bruno "because he was not a Venetian and also had no appointment here"?

3. Why does Andrea leave the room when Galileo was asking the men from the courts to look through the telescope?

4. At the ball, what mask does Cardinal Bellarmin wear? (Scene VI)

5. Why does the Grand Duke of Tuscany come to Galileo's home?

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