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Geocentric Astronomical Model

This object depicts the universe at the beginning of the play and is the model Galileo challenges.


This object is the one which Galileo introduces as his own invention in Venice to receive money from the University.


This is the location where Galileo lives at the beginning of the play.


This location is the place of Galileo's undoing because it is more tightly controlled by the Church than other cities.

The Four Moons of Jupiter

These objects are discovered by Galileo through research with his telescope.

The Catholic Church

This group signified Galileo's chief opponent.

Irrigation Technology

This object, invented by Galileo, is the kind of science which could benefit poor people.

Floating Objects Experiment

This experiment is safe, non-threatening research that will not ruffle any feathers in the Church hierarchy.

April Fool's Carnival

This event happens in the street and features...

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