Galileo Character Descriptions

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Galileo Galilei - This character is a highly respected scientist, astronomer, and professor at the University of Padua.

Andrea Sarti - This character is about nine years old when the play begins. The play ends with this character crossing the Italian border.

Ludovico Marsili - This character becomes engaged, and breaks the engagement, during the play.

Virginia Galilei - This character is seen praying at the inquisition trial.

Federzoni - This character is a lens-grinder.

Christopher Clavius - This character is Rome's preeminent astronomer.

The Little Monk - This character abandons science after the heliocentric model is proved.

Cardinal Barberini - This character becomes the Pope.

Mrs. Sarti - This character is the main character's housekeeper.

Sagredo - This character is a friend of the main character and lives in Venice.

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