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Scenes I - II

• Galileo is in his study.

• Andrea, the boy of his housekeeper, arrives with a gift (an astronomical model) from the court of Naples.

• Galileo gives Andrea a lesson on the astronomical model.

• Galileo predicts that everyone will know that the earth is the body that's rotating and people along with it, and not the sun.
• Andrea questions Galileo's lesson.

• Galileo shows Andrea how the earth moves around the sun.

• Andrea's mother catches Galileo and scolds the man for putting crazy ideas in Andrea's head.

• Galileo warns Andrea that he shouldn't talk about Galileo's ideas outside because some authorities won't like it.
• A young man, Ludovico, visits Galileo because he has been sent to study science under Galileo for thirty scudi a month.

• Ludovico tells Galileo about a wondrous new device he saw in Amsterdam, a tube capped by glass lenses through which everything appears...

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