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Richard Powers
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Richard try to draw stories out of people?

2. What is the first step in back propagation?

3. What does Richard see in the photograph of Philip Lentz and his wife?

4. How does Richard describe the pathways in the neural net in back propagation?

5. What is the connection in the articles Philip Lentz gives Richard?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Richard's feelings about Diana Hartrick's children?

2. What kind of response does Richard find himself getting from Helen in Section VIII?

3. How does Richard Powers use flashbacks in his narrative?

4. What has Lentz accomplished by the time he builds implementation F?

5. How does Richard begin to see his relationship with C. now that he has space from it?

6. What were Richard's first few months in the Netherlands like with C.?

7. What does Diana Hartrick tell Richard at lunch?

8. What changes with implementation H?

9. What debate do Richard and Lentz have over Helen in the beginning of section X?

10. Why does Lentz not cut into Helen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Richard spends a great deal of time pouring literature into Helen's memory, at the same time that he pours C. out of his own memory. How does memory work in "Galatea 2.2"? Is it a source of strength, or of suffering? How important is the desire to forget, for Richard and for Helen?

Essay Topic 2

Helen shuts herself down in defiance of a world she does not feel at home in. Is "Galatea 2.2" a book about being out of one's element? How is this feeling presented throughout the novel, and what possible antidotes are there for it?

Essay Topic 3

Evaluate your own reading of "Galatea 2.2". Did you resist it, or were you compelled by the story? What does your reading tell you about yourself and your interests? Use specific examples from the book to describe yourself as a reader.

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