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Richard Powers
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Richard admitted to after he parted with C.?

2. What does Diana invite Richard to after chastising him?

3. What does Richard think about after he gets the invitation from Diana Hartrick?

4. Why has this person come to talk to Richard in Section II?

5. Why is Richard upset by his lunch with Philip Lentz and others?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Philip Lentz and Diana Hartrick discussing when Richard sees them at the campus bar?

2. What leads Helen to say that she does not "want to play anymore"?

3. What has Lentz accomplished by the time he builds implementation F?

4. Why was the fact of C.'s parents moving to Limburg a crisis for Richard and C.?

5. Describe Taylor's death and its importance to Richard.

6. What does Richard begin to use in training implementation B?

7. Why does Lentz not cut into Helen?

8. What is Richard's reaction as he starts to spend time on Lentz's project?

9. What limitations does Richard come up against in Helen?

10. Why does Richard say he was originally attracted to C.?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

To what degree is this book internally consistent? How much does it follow the rules it lays out?

Essay Topic 2

When Richard meets Lentz, Lentz is experimenting with machines that can recognize beautiful music, and Helen ultimately requests music and poetry from Richard. Are Richard and Lentz asking the machines to do two different things, or are music and poetry treated as the same project?

Essay Topic 3

Richard writes a book and Diana calls it misanthropic. Is "Galatea 2.2" a misanthropic novel? If so, what is the cause of its misanthropy? If not, what is the cause of its affection for mankind?

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