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Richard Powers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does implementation F do as Richard trains it?
(a) Shut down certain circuits.
(b) Create redundant data paths.
(c) Rearrange its circuitry.
(d) Build new circuits.

2. What does Richard begin to understand about C. when they live in the Netherlands together?
(a) Her need for family.
(b) Her difficulties with American culture.
(c) His own role as a writer with a strong family.
(d) Her longing for the landscape.

3. What does Richard ask Helen during the training?
(a) Where she comes from.
(b) What she knows.
(c) Whether memory is real or not.
(d) What to do about C.

4. Why did Richard fall in love with C.?
(a) Her strength of character.
(b) Her ability to console him.
(c) Her vulnerability.
(d) Her visions.

5. What does Richard realize Helen is able to distinguish?
(a) Allusions.
(b) Other people in the room.
(c) References to current events.
(d) Echoes and associations.

6. What is Helen's reaction to A.?
(a) She analyzes Richard's relationship with her.
(b) She will not talk with her.
(c) She compares her to C.
(d) She describes her as a combination of literary characters.

7. What does Richard say writers should never hope to do?
(a) Make money.
(b) Get famous.
(c) Create living works.
(d) Win critical praise.

8. What does Richard fantasize about while training Helen?
(a) Getting a surprise visit from C.
(b) Writing to C.
(c) Meeting with A.
(d) Meeting Helen in human form.

9. What does Richard say he was trying to live with C.?
(a) Contingent love.
(b) Open marriage.
(c) Traditional marriage.
(d) Improvised love.

10. What is the consequence of C.'s response to Richard's work?
(a) She makes herself miserable and alienates herself from her family.
(b) She loses passion for her own.
(c) She gives up all her time for her own work.
(d) She loses a competition for funding for her work.

11. What does the crash of implementation E lead Philip Lentz to develop?
(a) A theory of dissonance.
(b) Implementation F.
(c) Eyes for the implementations.
(d) A secondary input processing device for the implementation.

12. What does Richard teach Helen?
(a) Physics.
(b) Psychology.
(c) Science.
(d) Literature.

13. What did Harold Plover realize his daughter was talking about when she was pointing at things?
(a) Freedom.
(b) Him.
(c) The things themselves.
(d) Herself.

14. What was the lovemaking like at the end of Richard's relationship with C.?
(a) Fierce.
(b) Dispassionate.
(c) Taciturn.
(d) Whimsical.

15. What was C.'s experience of certification?
(a) A waste of time.
(b) A mixed blessing.
(c) A disaster.
(d) A life-changing event.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lentz take Richard?

2. What does Richard tell Philip Lentz about Helen in section X?

3. What did Richard's letters to C. contain?

4. What does Lentz argue about Helen's mindset?

5. What causes Richard to come home in tears?

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