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Richard Powers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Though he finds it easier to talk to Helen, whom does Richard want to talk to instead?
(a) Diana.
(b) Lentz.
(c) A.
(d) C.

2. What were Richard's thoughts about having children when he was with C.?
(a) He felt he had missed his chance to have them.
(b) He wanted them, but in the future.
(c) He did not want them.
(d) He wanted them, but C. did not.

3. What does Diana tell Richard about having read?
(a) His book.
(b) Technical reviews of Lentz's work.
(c) Theoretical works about robot consciousness.
(d) Articles on neural activity.

4. What is C.'s family like?
(a) Large.
(b) Far-flung.
(c) Standoffish.
(d) Small.

5. What does Richard begin to understand about C. when they live in the Netherlands together?
(a) Her longing for the landscape.
(b) Her difficulties with American culture.
(c) Her need for family.
(d) His own role as a writer with a strong family.

6. What does Philip Lentz design into implementation F to let it think recursively?
(a) Access to images.
(b) A rule structure.
(c) New circuitry.
(d) Access to more texts.

7. What does Richard fantasize about while training Helen?
(a) Getting a surprise visit from C.
(b) Meeting Helen in human form.
(c) Writing to C.
(d) Meeting with A.

8. What does Lentz argue about Helen's mindset?
(a) She has begun to create meaning independently.
(b) Her attempts at meaning are more meaningful than the results.
(c) Her meanings are random combinations of notions.
(d) All her meanings are Richard's meanings.

9. What is C's response as Richard buries himself in his work?
(a) She is supportive.
(b) She is critical.
(c) She devotes herself to filling his needs.
(d) She is aloof from him.

10. What does Richard say writers should never hope to do?
(a) Make money.
(b) Win critical praise.
(c) Create living works.
(d) Get famous.

11. What is Helen's favorite poem?
(a) 'Poison Tree'.
(b) 'Evening Hymn'.
(c) 'The Most of It'.
(d) 'Because I would not stop for death'.

12. What kind of accident led the condition of Lentz's wife?
(a) A mountaineering accident.
(b) A cardiovascular accident.
(c) A skiing accident.
(d) A car accident.

13. What did Richard and C. decide when she went back to the Netherlands?
(a) He would move with her.
(b) They would try some time apart, and reassess their relationship after a year.
(c) He would follow after her.
(d) They would probably never see each other again.

14. What does Helen conclude from reading William Blake's 'Poison Tree'?
(a) Life is a gray area between absolutes.
(b) Life can be reduced to black and white decisions.
(c) Writing is its own form of artificial intelligence.
(d) Man has created fictional absolutes to live by.

15. What is Helen's reaction to A.?
(a) She analyzes Richard's relationship with her.
(b) She describes her as a combination of literary characters.
(c) She compares her to C.
(d) She will not talk with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what did C. try to get a certificate?

2. What does Diana call Richard's book?

3. What does Richard's work do for C.?

4. What does Richard begin to appreciate as he continues to work with Helen?

5. What does Richard tell Philip Lentz about Helen in section X?

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