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Richard Powers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section VIII (pages 211-240).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Richard's role in Philip Lentz's project?
(a) Programming.
(b) Training.
(c) Promoting.
(d) Designing.

2. What does Richard feel about C.'s coming home in tears?
(a) The tears are necessary in this kind of experience.
(b) It is his fault.
(c) She should toughen up.
(d) The phase will pass.

3. How does Philip Lentz refer to the location where Richard lived before coming to this location?
(a) A negligible nation.
(b) The center of the world.
(c) A powerful intellectual center.
(d) An obscure colony.

4. What is Richard worried about after his lunch with Philip Lentz and the others?
(a) His project failing.
(b) Science stagnating.
(c) Economic collapse.
(d) Imminent political instability.

5. What does C. get in the mail that drags her spirits down?
(a) Rejection letters from schools.
(b) Letters from an old lover.
(c) A promotion.
(d) Letters from her family.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Richard like when he went to the Netherlands with C.?

2. What does Diana invite Richard to after chastising him?

3. What does Richard attend in Section VII?

4. What does Richard teach Helen to do?

5. How does Harold Plover treat Richard at lunch?

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