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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who escorts Gabriela home from Colonel Ramiro Bastos' house on the night of the manhunt?
(a) Alfredo Bastos, his wife, and Jerusa.
(b) Tonico Bastos.
(c) The Captain.
(d) Dr. Demosthenes.

2. What is the opinion of the federal examination supervisor of the event organized to inaugurate the Commercial Association's library?
(a) It is provincial.
(b) It is very dull.
(c) It is sophisticated.
(d) It is great fun.

3. Who scares Fernand the chef away from Ilhéus?
(a) Whitey.
(b) Tuísca.
(c) Tonico Bastos.
(d) Sete Voltas.

4. Whom do Colonel Ramiro Bastos and his supporters decide to put up as a candidate for Mayor against the Captain?
(a) Dr. Ezequiel Prado.
(b) Dr. Maurício.
(c) Dr. Demosthenes.
(d) Dr. Argileu Palmeira.

5. Who installs Gloria in a house of her own near the station?
(a) Colonel Aristóteles Pires.
(b) Colonel Ribeirinho.
(c) Colonel Jesuíno.
(d) Colonel Amâncio Leal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who attends the party after the federal examination supervisor's lecture and causes an uproar?

2. What literary nickname does Iracema give to Malvina?

3. Who is the only person who keeps his decorum around Gabriela and treats her like a lady in Nacib's presence?

4. How does Colonel Melk Tavares punish his daughter for her disobedience?

5. At the dance for the inauguration for the new headquarters of the Commerical Association, with whom does Malvina dance every dance?

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